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2006-06-05 11:23 pm
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If I said that this weekend was awesometastical.. it wouldn't properly sum it up.

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And now I go find sleep.
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2006-05-31 12:20 am
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So it's been a while since I really updated.

Last week at work ended up being ok. We got a bunch of stuff on Wed. so I ended up staying later
and it was good cuz I felt like I was actually doing something. Then Thursday was a very short day of running samples on the machine and me learning how to do that. So I went to the mall and killed time uselessly. Friday I didnt go in. I'm getting a little frustrated though cuz I want to do something. The problem is that the guy in charge of the lab isn't around much so no one really knows what i'm supposed to be doing. Then next week everyone except the technician is going to be gone, so I probably won't even go in. My only concern is that given the way I've seen the lab works is that I need to finish the human blood work this summer. When they get blood, it's an all day affair and I can't do that in the fall. But before I can do anything I need to see how the chemicals are going to work and it's all very frustrating.

Anyway, the rest will just go behind cuts since it might get long...
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2006-03-09 02:37 pm
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<td align="center"> Carolina --

A human transformer (Robot in disguise)

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at</td>

*makes beeping noises and hums the Transformers theme song*

I'm somewhat disgruntled that it is now 2:30pm and I've only been awake for an hour. My phone decided to power off overnight so I had no alarm at 10:30. Now I'm just feeling kinda lethargic.

Yesterday was a good day though. Went to my eye doctor appointment (which took like 2 hours!!!) and got my new prescription. Turns out our old doctor over-prescribed to all his patients, so my eyes aren't as bad as my current glasses indicate. But... that also means that when I get my new ones, it's going to be interesting getting used to them... But! I picked out glasses that I like. They're going to be a big change cuz they're not oval, they're rounded rectangles! I get to go back and buy them today.

After the appointment, we were driving past the Health Center where my dad works and my mom was like, "I'm hungry, call you father and see if he needs lunch. If he hasn't, we can go to Japanica." Now, I've never been one to turn down free food so I called him and he was more than willing to be taken out to lunch. *grin*

In the meantime, Jacob had arrived so he got to go grocery shopping with my mom and I. And then it was off to the mall where I spent far too much on strawberry soap (!!) and 2 dvds (Howl's Moving Castle and Rent). Yup... twas a good day.

Hmm.. I feel like I was going somewhere with this, but I suppose not.

Oh yes... my parents are leaving on Sunday morning to go to Virginia to be with my grandmother. The other day when my grandfather went to the hospital he had fallen down and was being unresponsive. They've decided to send him to a hospice so that he can have 24 hour care.. Things aren't looking good at all... =\ I dunno what to say about that anymore I guess...

*edit* ok i'm bored and doing this very, very long set of questions...
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2006-03-03 11:15 am
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Cuando miro en tus pupilas sé que Dios no dejo de existir

Quiet neutrality. That was what I said my mood was a few days back. I'm still there.

It still hasn't quite sunk in that break starts tomorrow. I've been so busy, and even know with classes done and an overwhelming need to pack... I'm still not there. I haven't been home in ages now that I think about it. Kinda sad. It's going to be a very quiet week to. Susana and maybe Lena are going to be in Florida all week and no one else is going to be around which pretty much means I'll have no one to hang out with for the whole time. Meaning the week is going to turn into a blur of sleeping in, staying up late and doing nothing inbetween. I'm hoping to bring a bunch of work and just bury myself in it and get lots done. One can hope. At least it will let me focus on something, I've gone so long with constant focus I'm not sure what will happen if I don't have to worry about work. meh, that and I know I'm going to be lonely... The only things planned are a doctor's appointment on Monday (where she's going to yell at me for being so sick lately) and an eye appointment on Wednesday. Hopefully Jacob can come up Wednesday afternoon and help me pick out a pair of new glasses. (finally! i've only had this pair for... 8 years now).

Speaking of which... Jacob and I have been a couple for three months as of today. This makes me happy. Maybe mostly because I'd kinda lost faith in my ability to be going out with anyone for extended periods of time... Not that there's any reason I should, but I'm quick to find fault in myself. It kinda sucks that we both have to leave for home this afternoon... it woulda been nice to y'know... spend time with him... *sigh*

I finally joined fencing. I can only go on Wednesdays and I'm woefully behind the rest of the beginner people which makes me feel kinda bad cuz Jacob has decided to try and bring me up to speed on his own, which is just taking up his time. But it's fun and damn is it ever a good workout. We'll see...

Anime club got its funding for the projector which is a huge weight of my shoulders. Now I just have to worry about finding a make-up day to catch up with our series. And planning an event. And figuring out the rules for selling things for profit (like Pocky). dot dot dot. GAH!!! *dies* So much...

Anyway... my room looks like it's exploded and I need it to not look like that in about 4 hours... Therefore I shall listen to my Shakira spanishness and attempt to pack.....

Or maybe I'll just shower and play computer games in my haze of quiet contemplation... *sighs*
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2006-02-03 01:26 am
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(heehee.. i can use my "enthralled" icon..)

Well... it was definitely a day of ups and downs. It started off quite well I must say, despite the fact that I had to get up at 7... *grumbles about 8am classes* Went to class and such and all was well... except for the fact that I'd worn my heeled boots all day Wednesday and then I wore them again this morning... Let's just say my feet hate me now.

Had lunch, sat around... and then the not so goodness...
I ran around campus for about 2.5 hours. It wasn't fun. I went to Beach Hall (halfway across) to tape a form to my advisor's door... went to the lib to kill time and find some books.... back to Beach Hall only to discover form still unsigned... back to north... when just as i'm walking in, marianne calls me to say that we have no projector... and then the realization that everything was closed for reserving one... called advisor to ask if i went to the right office (i didnt)... back to Beach Hall to get form... to the Life Sciences Building to get form signed... And all this while trying to not panic and find some way to get a projector...

Very stressful last half of the day.

But the night was good! Hung out with Jacob for a while. He's been doing checks for lambs at the barns lately and tonight there was a birth. Some freshman girls were there and kept calling him for help, so we drove over there. zomg... lambs are soooo cute!! I got to hold the newborn one and help feed it with a stomach tube. (it's mother was being mean to it and headbutting it....) We ended up being there for 2 hours, but it was so awesome. I like working with animals, and it's just fun. I'm such a science geek....

On that note.. it's time for bed.... I need to be up to do laundry and go to class.... @_@
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2006-01-07 11:55 pm
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no.... panda....

Today was a good day. *nod*

Jacob came up to visit and my parents were really chill and stuff, all which combine to happiness for me. We went on a grand trip to the market of asian-ness which was great fun. I bought far too much japanese candy and ramune and ramen. But... I will justify it as research. I wrote down prices for everything pocky cuz it might be cheaper for me to buy large amounts of food there to sell at anime club. We shall have to see I suppose.

Also... my poor Moony-compy is fixed!! I'm still not using it though because I have to install all my progs on him still. But that makes me happy cuz not only is teh compy working wonderfully, but I have an additional 20 gig with the new drive!! w00tness. I'm glad he was here to do it for me though.. I was so scared I would screw something up if I tried.... *sweatdrop* And then dinner and renting of movie-age. Oh yes... and of course a trip to PetCo to look at the ferrets!! zomg... *hearts* they're so fuzzy and cuuuuute!!!!!! *squees*

And my parents were wonderful about the whole thing. They were laughing and joking with the two of us and they even left us alone in the house.. which was only amazing cuz when I first told my mom about him she was all like "he's not allowed in the house if i'm not here". And I'm sooo glad they've decided to trust me, and it's making me more determined to not break that trust. *nods*

It's quite strange.. I can feel stuff changing within my mind...but only in a good way. But it gives me reason to want to pause and think. Figure out what it is exactly...

Perhaps I will just go eat some Japanese candy and ponder...
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2005-12-20 10:37 pm
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And cue a good 2 days.

Yesterday I had a Kirstikin day! We went out to lunch at Butterfly and I filled her in on the drama of the semester. Then it was off to Buckland Hills mall to do lots of browsing. I was good and only bought a used dvd. There was much drooling at Hot Topic and much sadness when the pair of pants I tried on at Weathervane didnt fit me. (The large was waaaay too baggy and the medium didnt even fit around my hips.... *sob*). There was also ice cream and ddr-age! w00tness.

Then there was much sadness again when I got home. After dinner, Moony (my laptop) decided to not come back properly from the screensaver. So I restarted.... and restarted.... and restarted... and every time, it got stuck somewhere. And then I restarted and it went right to CHKDSK. And then CHKDSK aborted... And there was cursing. My harddrive sounded like it was skipping... *sigh* I will now have to prepare myself to spend over $200 on my computer. Luckily, I took it apart and have discovered that replacement of the drive will be very easy. Oh damn... it occurs to me that I dont have the cd to install windowsage.... damnation...

Today was also good cuz Jacob came to visit me. And there was poking of the computer, and getting angry when it worked perfectly at first. (That evening it would die spectacularly). Then it was off to the mall for walking around. We went out to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Twas yummy and sooo much food. And then I bought some manga (woot) and pants at Hot Topic. The nature of said pants will remain unrevealed until I get back to school and get a chance to wear them. I was doomed from the minute I tried them on... they fit perfectly... that's like instant purchase in my book... And then he came with us to my sister's concert and was just generally awesome. *spins*

Hmm... I suppose I should start looking for that harddrive.... *siiiiiiigh*