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2011-11-09 10:46 pm


I've been seeing this pop up on my feed the past few weeks, so I figure I should go ahead and make my post.


Please give me your real name, address and let me know if there is a specific holiday you celebrate/if you want a generic happy winter/December card. If you were directed here from twitter, anon-commenting is enabled and you should tell me your twitter name! :D

Also, if you have a post of your own where I can leave an address, you should link me!

edit: To tempt you all into giving me your address, here is a picture of some of the cards I made last year :D
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2010-11-08 12:05 pm
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Ok guys. I have time now with my proposal being written and just a lot of at-work data processing to do. I am sending out holiday cards. I have stamps already and everything.

So now I need people to send cards to!

If you would like a shiny holiday card made by me, please comment to this post.

I'll need your name, address and what holiday you celebrate (if any). Also, if you are commenting from twitter, tell me what your name is there. xD

Comments are screened - anon commenting is on if you don't have an LJ. :)
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2010-02-14 03:17 pm
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Happy Valentine's Day livejournal. ♥

Tell someone you love them today; whether it's your significant other, your family or a friend.

Give hugs. Smile at a stranger. :)

I plan on using the rest of my day to get to the lab (prep for 5am experiment wakeup tomorrow!) and then sitting home with my blanket and a stuffed animal, watching the Olympics until bedtime and eating leftover chocolate from when my mom went to Chile.


Funny story livejournal. When I woke up earlier this afternoon I realized that I'm happy. I think that's the best valentine's day present ever.
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2009-12-07 03:45 pm
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i wanna hold-'em like they do in texas please

First off, thank you to anyone who sent me a snowflake. I apparently sarvered the snowflake movement and therefore ended up sending out none.

As an FYI:
Still accepting card requests for this week since I need to finish making them. (they are going to be late obvs, but you WILL get one).

I have been.. so sleepy the past week. And it's like, no matter when I sleep.. I stay tired. It's not fun and it makes me lazy when I *am* awake. *sigh* Also it's cold, so that's just sapping all my energy away.

... Wow this post has no point. *gets back to work*

(omg i am so cold someone come snuggle with me *cryyyy*)
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2009-12-01 02:17 am
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beep beep ~mail


I would like to send *you* a holiday/winter card. A card that I will lovingly make for you with a silly message inside. All you need to do is comment on this post with your name and addesss!

Comments are screened so no one but me will be able to see them. If there's anything in particular about your card that I should know, please also include that in the comment.


This offer is open to people on my lj friend's list as well as anyone coming over from twitter/ontdai_wishes. Even if we don't talk much, let me send you something!!
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2008-11-30 01:23 am
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i feel boring

My wrist has been kinda hurting today and I'm worried that I am developing carpal tunnel from all the laptop time lately. I feel kinda boring lately. Maybe it's just because of the long weekend and my general lack of motivation and socialization.

This week was delightfully short in terms of work though. Especially since Linda was gone on Monday and then there wasn't much else planned. My lack of motivation is making it hard for me to wake up in time to get to work at a reasonable hour though. =|

This weekend has mostly been a whirl of dealing with people, my family and other assorted crap. I have yet another headache.. similar to the one I've had pretty much every waking minute since Wednesday at work. So I think I am just extremely stressed out. We went to family friend's house for Thanksgiving and it was nice. I ate far too much and played nice for a long time. Then yesterday it was Thanksgiving 2.0 with the family... where I ate too much again in an attempt to feign happiness since I'd had an awful day, culminating in crying in the bathroom right before dinner... Crying = no appetite = trying to eat normally anyway so as not to ruin dinner.

Had the Hall '03 5-year reunion Friday night too. It was alright. It was held at The Palace in Hartford. Met up with people before, went to the bar. My throat still aches from trying to talk over the music for hours. People still haven't really changed all that much so I guess I will wait for the 10 year to be more surprised.

Been working on my grad applications. I just wish that one day would go by where my parents wouldn't gripe at me about them. Then maybe I would feel more motivated.

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2005-11-25 02:27 am
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. . .


My mind=death

*sigh* good night

There Is No Future - There Is No Past
Thank God This Moment's Not The Last
There's Only Us
There's Only This
Forget Regret Or Life Is Yours To Miss
No Other Road No Other Way
No Day But Today
(Finale B ~Rent)
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2005-11-23 08:04 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving?

Ugh.. I'm glad I'm going out with Lena and Phil tonight. My parents just finished a wonderful argument with my brother. And my mom just broke something in the kitchen. *sigh* Is vacation over?

He wanted to go to a friend's house... but my parents are like, no we want you to stay home and watch The Motorcycle Diaries. And he got into a fight, whining about how I'm going out and how he can get rides from people... According to my sister, this is a frequent fight lately on non-week nights. All I can say is that I fell sorry for her... *sighs* He's lucky... why can't he see that? He's allowed more freedom than I ever was at 16. I'm 20... and I feel 16... everything is "where are you going? what movie? with who?" *eye roll*

I dunno... something tells me I'll be glad to get back to school when this is all over. At least we have lots of good food for tomorrow. Then I can eat lots and pretend the world doesn't exist.

Meh. Happy Thanksgiving everyone...