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2009-09-11 10:36 pm
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spammy spam spam

So I was sitting here in my room reading Cookleta (what?!) and eating pie. And I just kinda blinked and was like, what on earth is my life?

... and then I went back to reading fic.


I uploaded the pictures of my drive to work my first day at the lab and thought I should share. Today was shitty and raining, tomorrow will likely be more of the same. These pics make me smile as they are.. not shitty and raining lol.

i get to see this everyday )

And last but not least, some of my NOH8 style pics for that project I was talking about. Just warning you that they reek of MySpace-yness. There's only so much I can do at 10pm with a self-timer. For reference, I am wearing my lolita blouse because it needs to be a white shirt and that's the only one I have with me.

NOH8 )
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2009-08-11 02:45 pm



There may have to be f-locked freaking out later, assuming I don't get lazy. Just... life.

I haven't updated in ages and I've been barely keeping up with my f-list. :( It makes me sad. Last week after my apartment hunting, I was having serious issues with technology. And it just made my days SUCK. As I said over on Mene, "not even Kris Allen singing about prostitutes is making me feel better". I have switched to Chrome for my browser since then because I realized that it's just Firefox taking up too many resources. I can actually watch YouTube videos now without feeling like the world is stuttering. And I can see multiple gifs! The one thing I hate most about it though... is the lack of a twitter plug-in. I didn't realize how much I pay attention to Twitter until I didn't have that little pop-up box in the corner!

I don't have to live in a box. :D I just need to sign the lease and get roommate's half of the deposit money. This place... has the most AMAZING kitchen. AMAZINGGGG. All new appliances. Huge! SHINY! I am so excited. Although I will have to get used to the gas stove. Oh god now I need to plan moving though. D:

Otherwise, nothing of note has happened. Mene is consuming my time lately since we've picked up the advertising so there is a tonn more activity. Plus the event is happening. I just let the music loop and let myself stay in the happy place. :D

My sister's bday was Saturday. It was a huge clusterfuck of a night and I feel so awful for her. I'm not even gonna bother trying to explain.

In other news. Adam Lambert is still amazing and I might pass out from sheer joy at the concert on Sunday. ZQ needs to walk more.. or do more photoshoots or something.. Um. Yea. Hi.
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2009-08-05 01:28 am
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is this real life?!

Post title has nothing to do with content of post.. more like.. just my life lol.

Going to Boston tomorrow to look at apartments. Because if I don't, I will be living in a box in an alley somewhere. And i can't do that.. my manga collection won't fit in an alley box! *crosses fingers* There is a nice place with utilities included that I hope we can get. It's right in the price range and looks pretty.

Um. Yeah idk. Have a meme.

Number of Journal Entries: 1,019 after this one is posted

Person who introduced you to LJ: [ profile] aescleah gave me my invite code from over on

Still friends with this person: Nah she's long since stopped posting and we lost contact when died

Date journal created: Sept 6, 2003

How many people have you introduced to LJ: A few, mostly RL friends.

List everyone on your friends list who you have met in person:
[ profile] 21stcherryboy, [ profile] chaoticlivi, [ profile] collegeguy184, [ profile] commonname, [ profile] cowbert, [ profile] crstn85, [ profile] entrancedboy, [ profile] grendelkhan, fuck lj coding... johnnyd4251, julbee3, jwaitz, kao_sama, khalahd, liftigger, littlekellylee, masamisama, mastermargie, megganisms, michygeary, neoathena, onelonesamurai, peoplerpoop, phlipp, poncholuv, quantumzen, rxninja, silver_youko, spoonroo, squee_47, stolenrain, talendor, tenfiftysix, teresias216, thedreademperor, tmchiba, trackster817, wastedfodder, xxacidmv, yeoua (granted a lot of these people don't post anymore)

Three people on LiveJournal that you have known the longest: [ profile] crstn85, [ profile] phlipp and [ profile] commonname (yay high school?)

Anyone on LJ you can't stand: Not on my flist!

Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet: SO MANY HOW COULD I EVER PICK. Although very high on the list would be [ profile] brightlightss. it would be epic.

Ever ban someone from commenting in your journal: Nope!

Number of comments: 3,236 comments received, 3,806 comments posted.

Biggest pet peeve about LJ: People not lj-cutting lots of images.

Do you feel close to most of the people on your friends list: A fair number of them, yes.

How many journals on LiveJournal do you have: This one, icon one, ... and 2 more I never use now.
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2009-06-24 02:48 am
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crashing to the ground

Today was not what you would call "my day". Got flailed at while at work because of a table I sat. (A ONE PERSON table that left in half an hour I might add!) I was.. taken aback enough to be shaken for a few minutes. Which is.. not fun when like 90% of your job is being pleasant and smiling a lot. It just... makes me not like my job when stuff like that happens. And then I was pulling a highchair out, miscalculated.. and knocked another one over onto my toes. it... really hurt. Especially when I had to limp back to the desk and greet someone. The greeting went something along the lines of "*pained grin* Hi how are you? Um.. hold on a second, I just dropped a highchair on my foot. ...ok let's go this way. *limplimp*" My toe is ok though. I was worried the nail was gonna crack and that I wasn't going to be able to check it for a while.

I ended up buying a piece of cheesecake to make myself feel better. The tiramisu cheesecake. *drool* Although, mental note, don't buy cheesecake and then eat it on an empty stomach. It hurts.

The girl who was looking for a roommate has emailed me to say she still needs one, so I think I am going to need to look for 2 bedroom apartments. I was productive tonight eventually though. Wrote statement for the insurance company. Wrote Robin's character reference letter for his apartment. Tomorrow before work I must look into the financial aid stuff and look for apartments. *nodnod*

ZQ video from last night appears to be part of something to do with his production company. With the exception that the fall may have been unplanned, but he just went with it? I dunno. It seems to fabricated with a couple new videos found today that just... iunno. "I don't eat my friends" just made me lol though.

Gonna start the Capt Fine upload tomorrow so I can finally get that picspam posted. I have more than enough for one now. :D

more ZQ photos from Tyler Shields )

ps- should i go watch Star Trek in IMAX?
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2009-05-31 05:55 pm

you can't take the sky from me

OKAY! Boston trip stuff!

[ profile] michygeary, [ profile] silver_youko and [ profile] 21stcherryboy
Do you all want me to just buy tickets for the lot of us and then you can give me the $15 for it on the 19th? Also, Michy did you think your friend was going to be interested because I have one more space in my car. Lemme know and I can get that all bought for us asap and we can plan the drive out.

On that note, I bought fabric and stuff so be prepared to be in a car with me all dressed up for this. xD Because I am a dork who jumps on excuses to make costumes. It'll be fun. really.

Finally emailed the girl I will be working in the same lab with in the fall about emails. Sounds like there might be someone looking for a roommate so I need to email her and see if she's still looking. *crosses fingers* Otherwise, it's off to craigslist. x_x;;
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2009-04-17 02:10 am

these lines of lightning mean we're never alone

I do this thing where I think of everything I want to write about.. and then I blank when I sit down at the laptop. Silly me.

I read this fic a couple days ago that pretty much took me apart and then made it all okay in the end. Again. That seems to be happening a lot. Apparently Superhero!AU is good for that? Who knew.

I spent my day sanding grout from between the tiles in the bathroom. By the end of it I'm sure my lungs were coated in a film of grout powder and Shout stain remover. Also it hurt my arm.

The official letter arrived today! I already accepted the school's offer. Apparently that $5,000 thing they gave me is a university-wide award only given to 25 people. I'm just like.. whoa. Unexpected to the max, I didn't even know it existed.. much less that I nominated for it. Classes start on Sept 9th. Ah I'm getting nervous when I think about it so much.

I decided on what I'd like to make as a second costume. Already ordered the wig. It's really hard to find shoes though.. I might have to alter the design a bit. (Luckily it's something with a not-set design so I can do that and keep the look). There's a second thing I'd like to do though.. and it will require a bit more work. I think I will order a few things for it and see how far I get with the new project and fixing up the Chidori outfit. *nodnod* It'll be fun times.

Next week is the last anime club meeting. I don't know how to feel about that.
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2009-04-07 11:50 pm

ahahahaha.. *bites laptop*

Sadness is sitting down with a cup of tea and realizing that the episode of new FMA you've been looking forward to is in the high quality format that the stupid laptop can't play properly.

Time to find a copy I can actually watch then. -_-;;; Oh technology.

I bought Hood by Stephen Lawhead today just on a whim. I like the Robin Hood legends well enough and it's been a while since I read anything by a new author. We shall see I suppose. It's not too long (488 pages). At the rate I read, I'll know soon enough. I also have this copy of Le Morte D'Arthur sitting here staring at me. I've been meaning to read it for.. well a long time now. I have to admit it's fairly intimidating. 795 pages of small strange font and difficult wording. It'll be an adventure!!

Also got volume 9 of Kitchen Princess which continues to be adorable. Except this volume had some gasp-worthy drama in it so I'm going to eagerly wait volume 10 and be sad that it is over after that.

Got email from program director at Northeastern. My official letter is on its way!! Program offers tuition/health insurance coverage, fall/spring TA position every semester, and stipend for the first summer. Also they decided to give me some $5,000 excellence award that I can renew every year. That last bit? ...AWESOME surprise.

Now to work a lot until then so I can have plenty of moneys saved up!!
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2009-04-06 06:06 pm
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Ok.. remembering how to breathe now.
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2009-04-06 05:15 pm
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whatever tomorrow brings i'll be there

So.. drove up to Nahant this morning. I am.. cautiously optimistic. =X I chatted a lot. Most intimidating part of the day is when he pulls out a COPY OF THE PAPER MY NAME IS ON FROM WOODS HOLE. Like.. physical copy. So we talked a lot about my work there. (I totally stared at that paper for like an hour last night so I could remember everything we'd done). His grad student is really nice. She's only been there for Spring semester, but she definitely seemed to like it and based on Recruitment Weekend, everyone is really nice. I love how it seems like a little community. Talked to one of the other faculty as well, I'd talked to him last time. He told me about a molecular ecology class he's teaching that sounds really interesting. I've always kinda liked genetics.. but not really enough to want to specialize in it. xD

So... yeah. I think it went well. *crosses fingers* I should know.. hopefully by the end of the week as I think most places need decisions by the 15th anyway. Ahhhh I don't know how I'm going to make it till then. I'm trying SO HARD to not totally freak out and think it's okay... especially after the UNC thing. But I can't help but feel that it did go well and that I have a solid chance. I mean... it must mean *something* that he asked me to come back, right? We didn't get a chance to talk when I was there in February and he took the time to make sure we could.

*fidgets* omg so nervous! I already send an email thanking him for the chance to talk. :) Polite = win.

Although it's sooo gross out now. Driving back on the Mass Pike, half-asleep since I woke up at 630, in the pouring rain is just not something I want to repeat. Hydroplaning is not cool!

I think I'll watch the first ep of the new FMA tonight as a reward.
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2009-04-02 12:57 am
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*pulls out every good luck charm ever*

Before I start freaking out. I was browsing Cristina's blog and got curious and clicked on a link off to the side. I was greeted by the following blog entry: How totally awesome does that sound? Especially that lemonade. I am seriously considering this idea because I love fresh lemonade, especially when it starts getting warm out. That link went right to my bookmarks for futher exploration. So Cristina.. I know you're out there somewhere reading this: Your blog does awesome things.


I got an email

From a faculty member at Northeastern. Apparently I am back on being heavily considered for a position in a lab. I am going up there again on Monday (pending confirmation from him) to talk to him specifically.. and his lab. And omg I have so much reading to do on the subject. I felt sooo lame at recruitment weekend because I was just kinda awed by the calibur of the people I was with. Feeling inferior made me act quieter than normal and I'm hoping that I've already met a lot of these people.. that it'll be a lot easier for me to actually.. y'know.. say lots of intelligent things and seem worth it. because damnit I know I'm worth it, I just need someone to see it already! Ahhh I'm so nervous this is awful.

Plus after that weekend I kinda really convinced myself that I want to go there and it would basically put me in a such a happy place to have that happen.

BUT OMG TRYING NOT TO GET MY HOPES UP. I don't want this to be UNC all over again.. *mutters*

I am babbling.

Work tomorrow after having 2 days off. How sad. Hopefully it will be not-busy and I can go home early.

I was going to type something else here.. possibly fandom-related.. but now I can't remember. So.. back to your regularly scheduled programming?
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2009-03-02 05:46 pm
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well that's just great...

Got my rejection letter from Woods Hole today.


*sigh* I hate this.
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2009-01-27 12:20 pm


omg guys.

I just. Got an email.

I got invited to the Northeastern Graduate Recruitment Weekend thinger. *freaks out slightly* aaaah..... I am.. marginally excited. (read: very)

Also Last Watch comes out today and the Borders near here better have it cuz I need some Anton in my life like.. right now.
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2008-12-21 10:58 pm
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dance with the devil tonight

So Thursday was the Immunology Dept Holiday party. It was good times. The secretaries got tipsy on wine, some of the students made some hilarious ElfYourself videos with pictures of the faculty.. and there was good food all around. I got a bar of soap from Blue Moon from the grab bag exchange. I almost had the $5 Dunkin Donuts giftcard.. but... whatever. I love the Blue Moon soap so damn much, even if everyone made fun of me for it.

Then the weekend started earlier than I would have thought. All non-essential employees were told to go home at 11:30. I'd gone in right at 9 to get everything done since I figured that's what would have happened anyway. It was good times.

Then it snowed.. a lot.

Yesterday my sister and I made a foolish trip to the mall. Needed to get a couple things. I never wanna do that again honestly. The traffic was a nightmare. And the slushy snow combined with the small inclines around the mall meant my car was sliding around. So much hate for people while trying to drive around there. At least we got everything done.

Last night was a major suck-fest emotionally for me. Blah. I'll get over it.

I have work tomorrow and it is making me sad.

Making the final push on my applications now... it's annoying.

I am almost done with Gurren Lagann and I am enjoying the ride quite a bit.
Robin: I replaced all the files you gave me with all Black-Order subs (which are awesome) up until 19. And then I have 20-27 in the next best quality group. So no worries about that.
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2008-12-08 11:26 pm
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we've heard all their stories one too many times

Endless applications continue. So does work. Some iffy drama-ish things going on there... but yeah... I don't know what's going on, so I will wait before rambling on about it. xD

This weekend was fun though. Went to mall on Saturday to watch Justin and Max at the 40k tournament. They got 4th. And then we went shopping. I bought.. one volume of manga. lol. Not exactly the shopping I'd intended to do.. but I still have no idea what to get my family. Buu. And then we went to pizza... and ate delicious nachos that I will always want whenever we go there now.

So yea... I am bored and just felt like updating. >.>;;; Maybe I'll watch some anime before bed.
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2008-12-03 01:17 am
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maybe you're not even human cuz only an angel could be so unusual

Mmyep.. my wrist is still bothering me. I've been trying to baby it, but that's hard when your workplace involves a lot of pipetting, moving things around and computer work. And I can't very well say that I can't do those things. So I just do what I can. Luckily there will be less tomorrow and Thursday. I played with the liquid nitrogen today. By which I mean I moved some tubes over to the -80 freezer. Funny story that... We left the little eppendorfs in a box that had no lid to snap-freeze them. Except apparently the box was low enough in the rack to be submerged in liquid.. and the tubes were small enough to fit between the rim of the box and top of the rack. So.. somewhere in that tank, there are 6 little tubes floating around. We tried to fishing them out (with a fish net!), but alas. Lesson learned. Then later we got a package with a cell line that needed to go in there too. -_- I don't like liquid nitrogen. It scares me a little.

Today I was trying to figure out something for a new experiment Linda wants to do with some DNA and I realized about halfway through the lit search that I was having fun. I like being set on new projects and trying to figure out how to plan the experiment and what we would need. We didn't figure it out in the end because it got late, but I plan to continue tomorrow. Moments like that reaffirm my desire to continue with research. Good thing too since half the time I'm working on my applications I feel like it's the shittiest thing ever. *sigh*

These past couple days I've seriously wanted to watch anime. Maybe it's because I've been wanting to watch more Gurren Lagann but have to wait for anime club. But I really want to sit and watch pieces of Kaleido Star and ParaKiss... and maybe start on something new too. I've been trying to use myanimelist to track things too. I think all my print manga is in there now, along with the handful of things I've read online. I know all my DVDs arent in there though... and neither is everything I've ever watched. x_x I suppose that doesn't help my desire to watch something. Pity ani2d is looking rather dead now... so no more streaming. Guess it's a good thing I ordered that harddrive.