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2012-06-05 04:25 pm

baby you light up my world like nobody else.

Oh hai.

It has been a bit of a month. Teaching is kicking my ass. It's two labs a week and I'm just constantly playing catch-up because I have learn the material, prep the labs, teach.. and then do all the grading. It would probably be easier if my weekends were less tied up, but.. yeah...

That being said, I am actually enjoying this lab more than I expected. I have never been particularly interested in A&P, but it's a lot more interesting than I thought? I mean, the circulatory system was terrible and I would like to forget it exists, but the rest is actually fun. (We are ignoring the pile of grading that is currently sitting next to me).

As for my weekends... they are all about family time right now until the end of June. My grandmother is here from Chile and she is leaving much earlier than usual. Unfortunately, this means she is leaving right about when my teaching stuff STOPS so I can't even take a few extra days to spend with her at home. The thing that sucks the most is that in general I have a hard time being at home and dealing with... things.... that I don't want to talk about.... so I am going home every weekend to be with her but then I also just hate things and don't want to be there. Ugh. Also, my brother is moving to Colorado on July 10th and things are just very complicated at the moment.

On the plus side, this weekend is the town fair and I am very excited. Kettle corn! Snocones! Art fair and buying pretty things! Food! Library book sale! I basically LIVE for this thing, so I can't wait to spend my Saturday at it. Then I have friend plans on Sunday that will include watching movies about silly boybands and arts & craft time. ...So you can see why I am so swamped with grading otherwise. /woe.

So... that is the state of my life. I am still counting down the days to Comic-Con and starting to wonder when I am even going to have time to finish my costume sewing for it.
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2011-11-27 12:16 am
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shiny things

My mini-break at my parents' house is nearly over, alas!

Yesterday I went shopping with my sister. We never go super early or anything, especially since we're never looking for deals on anything specific. We left a little after 11, my only real goal was to go to Sport's Authority where I knew they had yoga mats and small hand-weights on sale. I bought... many things. I bought these shoes which were on clearance at Nordstrom's (and cheaper than I have seen online) and the only pair was my size, so that's like... FATE. I also picked up some cheap thermal shirts, some candles, the previously-mentioned yoga mat & weights, and some winter boots (that I can't find a picture of ANYWHERE ONLINE - they are like this, except blue...). My sister ended up with much more despite telling me multiple times that she is supposed to be saving money. Of course, this is ignoring the fact that I placed a massive amazon order on Thursday night ($13 for a full season of tv that I love?! GIVE ME FIVE!)

Anyway. I was supposed to grade and read papers and clean my room today. Instead I slept until 2, read some fic, pretended to stare at some grading... and then actually cleaned my room a little, at 10pm. #doingitwrong Cleaning my room is a pain because my parents recently painted the whole thing. This process meant that EVERYTHING was taken out and put in bags/boxes, so now I have to put it all back. I am also under strict orders to throw out everything I can, so there has been a lot of going through old paper and notebooks and basically, sometimes memories suck. Also, I have a lot of books.

Tomorrow we are going out to buy the big present for my parents. My siblings and I are splitting the cost of a Keurig machine for my parents. Also some of those click-top fill-with-your-own cups. We figure that with the 20% store coupon, split three ways, it's like $45-50 each, which is only a bit over a $20 gift for each of them? *shrug* I think it'll be a good gift. I need to think of good gifts for my siblings now. My brother is SO HARD to shop for.

Um, this has been a post.
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2011-04-25 02:16 am

and i shall call it... this land.


So, I haven't updated in ages. I have a lot of thinky real life thoughts, but there is still a large part of me that is processing. At any rate, the semester is OVER. Classes are done, grades are in. All that remains is proctoring the final exam (at the ungodly hour of 8am whyyy) tomorrow. Then comes the summer and I have so many FUN THINGS planned to look forward to! UHH/MCR in 2 weeks, Panic! 2 weeks after that. Probably NYC between then. 2 weddings! *busy bee*

Last weekend I was in Woods Hole (on Cape Cod) for a conference with my lab. It was really nostalgic being there since everything reminded me of the summer I spent working there. Easily one of the best summers of my LIFE. It helped ground me a little bit to be right there near the ocean in a relaxed environment. Like I needed a reset of something. I just wish it had been less windy. And also that we had gotten pie. When [ profile] eloiserummaging is in town, I am dragging her down there for the day for pie and ocean. <3

Then this weekend I was with my family for my mommy's birthday! We had lamb and cake (which I made!) and watched Social Network together. It was fun. Then today was Easter. My parents are super-cute and made an egg hunt in our house. (Note: my sister is 18, I am 25. My 21 year old brother was not home). It was fun, even though I think that we have gotten worse at the whole... searching thing. Anyway, there was chocolate and pancakes. The longer I stay away from home, the more enjoyable it is to return. <3

Ummm.. *ramble ramble* I bought a dress for one of the weddings. I have decided that this summer I want to start wearing more skirts/cute dresses. YAY. (Mostly this is an excuse to buy cute things for myself, but shush).

So yes, I hope you have been well, friends. <3 I'll be back up to normal levels soon..... I hope. Yup. Bye!
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2010-12-28 10:52 pm
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from the wilds of... new hampshire?

Hello LJ!

I hope that everyone who celebrates had a lovely Christmas. Mine was full of dealing with my family! I did however get a few lovely things as well as a lot of practical things.

We are currently off on our family vacation in New Hampshire where my patience is wearing thin - to be quite frank. basically... I am ready to go back to Boston now.

Yesterday we went over to North Conway to go.. OUTLET SHOPPING. I bought a darling little Coach wristlet. IT IS PLAID. Yuppp. Also my siblings bought me the shoes they owed me as my birthday present. :D AND $10 CORDUROY PANTS FROM JCREW = WIN.

Okay anyway, so yknow how the NE has gotten a tonnn of snow? So we drove back from shopping... over a mountain... in the pitch dark with gusting winds and a road covered in ice. Also, my dad drives fast. I legit thought I was going to dieeee. DDDD:

But I didn't! Hooray! And I didn't die today while skiing either! Oh well, there's always tomorrow. ;)

So yes, my life.
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2009-12-28 07:09 pm
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vacation = too much family time

Gaaaaah. This vacation. omg.

Yesterday we went outlet shopping. As we started the hour drive back, the engine temp spiked. We stopped. It spiked again. All the anti-freeze was gone. We drive back to town to a Shell station. We put in more anti-freeze. It all promptly leaks out of the bottom of the car.

... We were in that damn shell station for an hour waiting for AAA. Then we had to walk like a mile to some little motel ~thing to stay the night.

lol. It'll make a funny story in a few months.

Then we skied today and it was good.

In other news, this is what Im wearing for New Year's

I am in love with the shoes. :)
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2009-10-15 11:11 am


I have no motivation today. I have class in 5 minutes... and a pile of midterms that need to be graded just sitting here. I have serious motivation issues like all the time. I am supposed to be writing this proposal for an NSF fellowship. I don't even need to do the research for it.. just write something. And I'm like.. scared that I'm going to write something up, give it to my advisor.. and he's going to hate it and think i'm stupid and then maybe wonder why he took me on as a student. I know I would not have been accepted if they didn't think I could do it... but I feel really insecure. =\ Someone tell me I'm not stupid.

The rest of the Maine trip went well though. It was nice the second day if a bit windy. And I actually managed to accomplish something after I wrote that last entry. This week has seriously been dragging as a result of a week away. I was doing so well before we left and now it's a struggle again.

On Saturday I went into the city to watch my brother's cross-country meet. Did you know that meets require a lot of audience running too? Yea.. I didn't either. But it was nice to see him.. and my parents came up so we got a late lunch together after. I figured out some of the Chinatown area and then my dad bought me a soft warm fuzzy hoodie from Eddie Bauer as an early bday present. I'm wearing it now. Except then I went off to Newbury St and ended up in American Apparel. I knew that I was going to end up buying the black and white stripey GQ hoodie! I should not have done it, but... I wanted tooooo. *whine* I also went into Urban Outfitters, but it was really crowded and messy so I gave up. Instead I went to Sephora and bought more nailpolish. My addictions, let me show you them!

I LOVE GLEE! Anyone else watching? I've managed to talk people around here into watching it, but they all watch it delayed so I can't flail at people for a few days after the episode. I was considering buying the music on iTunes, except then I saw that the vol 1 ost for it is coming out nov 3rd.. and it has Defying Gravity on it (my fave song from Wicked!!). So I am waiting. Downloaded what was out for now. :3

Also, anyone following me on twitter will be seeing a lot of my caps-lock filled flailing. Just gonna say.. it's not going to let up. We haven't even heard a snippet of ANY of Adam's new songs. I'm not counting the 2012 preview simply because it's not going to be on his cd and is reportedly not representative of his album sound. THEY ARE SUCH TEASES. So yes... if this is already happening without any music... then I might just explode and die when we get to hear something. JUST SAYIN.

Ok I have.. 20 minutes before I need to eat lunch before class. Off I go!
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2009-08-26 11:49 pm

oh goodness

Somewhere north of Boston there is an apartment. One that has my last name on the mailbox and my belongings within it. I am... really flaily about this right now.

Yesterday my family and I moved all my large things up there. Had to pick up the UHaul at 7am and then load up everything. Somewhere around the 5th box of books was like, wtf when did I buy so much manga. I need to inventory it really well when I unpack those boxes. So I know. We moved everything up there and I got into a few arguments with my parents over the rooms. See.. one is smaller than the other. But I decided I want the smaller room for myself.. and my parents thought I was being stupid. And at a certain point I was just like, JFC I have to live here so stop it! I have a large room here.. and I honestly don't even use all of it. I am always at my desk.. or sleeping in my bed. There is no need for a massive room. Plus this one is at the back of the house and therefore quieter.

After some unpacking, we drove off to Ikea and I bought a sexy desk, awesome chair and a small bookshelf. Followed directly by getting me a new mattress. <3 Then it was back to the apartment to build things.

I don't have any pictures yet (it'll wait till things are fully organized) but I love the feeling I get from the place already. My room and bathroom just feel so uniquely... mine. I picked out all the stuff for the bathroom and there is a this half-glass faced cabinet in there that I am keeping all my stuff. And it's really just awesome. I can't wait till my books are out on the shelf, my stuff is on my desk and my posters on the walls. I get a good feeling about it.

That being said, it was the longest day ever. Woke up at 6:30am and we didn't get home till nearly 1am! D: And tomorrow I have an appointment at the car garage at 7am for a full-check. And since I will have to walk home after dropping it off... I am going to be very tired tomorrow.

I am unsure about the denting on my car. My brother was all "I should save up for a car!!" (fat chance of that, he can't save for his life) and I just looked at him and said "You should save up to fix MY car". And he like... got mad at me. And got this really panicked and angry look on his face. And I was so close to being all like, "fuck no bitch you are paying to get my car fixed". But y'know.. dinnertable... parents.. etc. *sigh*

I was listening to some pre-idol Adam in the car on the way back last night (totally not news at all lol) and was thinking about AMV potentials...
AMV rambling )
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2009-08-20 07:42 pm
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(no subject)

Major wank exploded yesterday over on [ profile] ontd_ai. It was interesting to watch, but it was making me all sad panda because I just wanna love the AI group and leave it at that.

I feel like I finally ate my first real meal in ages tonight. Take-out chinese. I've been eating random meals at weird times for the past few days so it was nice to sit down with my brother and sister to eat tonight.

Some lulz were had, thanks to my brother as usual.

sister: hey Nick, Archie and Veronica are getting married!
brother: what?
sister: Archie and Veronica!!
brother: you mean like... from scooby doo?
me: *headdesk* from Archie Comics
brother: oh.. what?

then we were singing and dancing to some of my music. And then this conversation happened after my sister realized he had shaved a ring around his ankle.

brother: i waxed my chest too!
sister: no you didn't...
brother: *points* yes i did!
sister: where did you get the wax?
brother: we made it, it's called sugaring.
me: wait.. you got together with your friends and waxed each other's chests
brother: no it was just with tim.
me: oh...
brother: but it's ok! he's gay. i thought that would make it ok
me: ROFL what?

And then we went back to singing and dancing around the kitchen while I did the dishes.

ladies and gents.. my life!
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2009-07-24 12:52 am
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new york state of mind

Oh. my. God. Yesterday was serious epictimes.

I made three mix cds. One more mellow (which I discovered during the trip has really great flow to it), one more upbeat with all the random shit my cousin and sister wanted on it, and one that is everything that didn't fit on the other 2. Awesomesauce.

We woke up bright and early (read: 8am) and got ready to head out. First we had to go to the consulate where my mom picked up our Chilean passports. *grin* I had a fun 20 minutes sitting alone in the car in front of the building, right under a "No Standing" sign. We left the blinkers on and the car on.. and I got a lot of weird looks from all the guys in suits in their diplomatic cars. Luckily the checkpoint guy was distracted by a lot of electrical company trucks so I didn't have to move at all.

Then we headed back to the Times Square area to wander. We walked to the wax museum and took a zillion pictures. It was SO FREAKING AWESOME. None of us had ever been so we all ran around being idiots for like 3 hours. I'm working on uploading my hundreds of pictures to facebook, but for now I am going to show you my FAVORITE picture of the day.

wax museum yay )

After that, we got some lunch and then it was off to walking around!! First I made everyone go with me to the American Apparel store (I made sure to have the address for the nearest one). Mission: BUY THAT HOODIE IN PURPLE OR BLACK. I was sooo unsure which I wanted. And then the world decided for me cuz they only had the purple in my size. *pets lovingly* it is... crazy comfy too. They had the soft blue one there too... and it was very tempting. BUT YAY I HAS A HOODIE!!!!

Then we walked through Times Square (where we saw a guy selling Obama condoms) and around by Rockefeller Center. Lots of pictures were taken, lots of flailing and being stupid.

After all that, it was like 8pm so we went to meet my cousin and her husband at their new apartment. It's like.. half the size of their old one. o_o;; That's New York for you. I don't think I could do it. We went to dinner to this Mediterranean place and stuffed ourselves. We ended up leaving soooo late. xD Got home at 1am.

I then crashed until nearly 2pm! In my own bed! And then had an awesome lazy day today. :)

Anyway! A meme because [ profile] magicalmartha tagged me.
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2009-07-21 12:09 am
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the ghetto-est ice cream truck

This weekend was pretty fun. Saturday was the annual clambake at the house of a UCONN Health Center faculty member. It was the usual. Lots of booze (never ending, jesus), tons of clams/lobsters/yummy food. Except this year they got an Elvis impersonator as well. On my computer there resides a video of my father drunk-dancing. And lots of pictures. Once I get around to uploading everything onto facebook, there will be show and tell. :D I did not actually consume anything alcoholic because I am veru awkward about that stuff around my family. Not like I would gotten drunk or anything.. but I feel weird about even drinking a beer or something.

Then on Sunday I saw the most sketch ice cream truck ever. It was basically a giant brown van. You could see the coolers that contained the ice cream peeking up at the bottom of the windows. And there was just a mega-phone style speaker attached to the top. And the guy driving it looked pretty sketch too. I was just drove by and laughed. I would not want to buy ice cream from that man.

Also I went to the mall and remember that I need to buy my American Apparel hoodie asap.

Today was work. It was slow. My fave person, who should not be such, was not there. I did buy myself a sandwich though.

I am obsessed with this cover, this is awful. I haven't watched American Idol since David Cook inspired some form of rage in me. (I don't even know why.. I can't make myself like the man). But some people on my friend's list will talk about it all the time (in particular, Adam Lambert). Then I started youtubing and... this cannot end well.

For reference - cover I am liking:

Also, there is a vid of him singing "Kiss From a Rose".. which is just not fair. NOT FAIR I TELL YOU.

*cough* Anyway... carry on.
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2009-07-08 11:25 pm
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i am itchy

Twice in the past 2 days I have been suckered into "short walks".

Yesterday my mom was going for a short walk down the shore. Hot pavement and 2 hours later.. we wandered back to where my sister and cousin were sitting on the beach. Then today in the morning, my parents were like, oh let's take a short walk. Three hours later... *ded* I got a lot of fun pictures today. Including nice shots of all of us climbing on old cannons in an "under video surveillance" area. Later we saw the signs asking people to not climb the exhibits. Oops..

Work on heroes_bigboom is stalled until I can do proper research. BAH. And I think I've planned out reel_merlin the most I can on paper. Contemplating free-writing something... but then I think about how I'll have to type it out later... plus worrying about prying eyes. We'll see.

Tomorrow we are going to the outlets. Which means spending money for pretty things that I don't really need. It'll be an adventure. Or something.

I dunno. Drama continues ever onward with brother and his girlfriend. I don't even know half the time. I just know that I keep getting pulled into the middle of things. Oy.

Anyway, bedtime. At the very least, there was a delicious Chris Pine walking post on ontd_startrek tonight. It can only mean good dreams tonight. :D

have some ZQ pictures )
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2009-07-07 11:02 am
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How to have an awesome family vacation. part 1

1. Take 7 people in a 7-seater van for 6 hours of driving. Don't stop for food.
2. Have your grandmother catch a cold.
3. Have your father hurt his foot somehow and be grumpy.
4. Have your cousin get face sun-burned enough to blister.

5. Mix and enjoy!

Oy.. At least I'm having fun lying on the beach reading and working on my reel_merlin and heroes_bigboom. Plus, I still have internet access.. best vacation ever.

...minus the above.
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2009-06-30 12:24 am


Well here I am.. reporting to you live.. from my basement.

My grandmother and cousin arrived at 12:30 this afternoon. I was up at 10:30 trying to do some last minute cleaning and then showering. It was.. not so fun. It's awesome to have my grandma here though! She set a new ice cream buying record today.

Everytime my grandma is here... whenever we go out, she will always offer to buy us ice cream. And we always will agree to it, even if none of us really want it. The end result being that we are all rather tired of ice cream after a few weeks.

Today we went to Walgreens. After, she bought us.. ice cream. A mere three hours after she arrived. New record! It was good though. xD

I signed up for [ profile] heroes_bigboom. Why? Because I hate myself. I was taking a shower, and suddenly I had a thought. That turned into an almost-plot. And then I was like *headdesk*. So there we go... time to think about writing 10,000 words by the end of the summer. Plus reel_merlin, for which I need to rewatch Life Aquatic still.. and then plot out.

Am working every day this week. The it's off to vacation on the 4th. Oy.. so much to get done.

*goes back to Mene modding before bedtime*
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2009-06-12 03:03 am

we are like the earth and sky

Family-whine aside, it was a pretty good day I suppose. xD Ate a waffle before work (and glared at my brother when he suggested that he could eat one). There was a large party in the restaurant so we went on something of a false wait. I was alone at the front desk and I am proud that I managed to keep track of the bussers and get people seated in a timely manner. It's hard to greet people and talk over the headseat at the same time! My brain isn't sure how to handle that multi-tasking yet.

There was something of an issue though when I forgot to save a table for a reservation. In my defense, we don't normally accept reservations at 12:30 and there was a mad rush at like... 12:15. So they were all complaining at the manager about how they were on a work break and couldn't afford to stay long. Yeah. 2 hours after being seated, they finally left. UGH PEOPLE. I am so glad I'm not working tomorrow I think.

Then I was "helping" my sister and her friend with their AP Chem project. By "helping" I mean attempting to remember anything at all about basic chem, specifically conductivity. It just wasn't happening. Plus I was too busy being appalled at their sloppy experimental design and lack of multiple repeats and variables. How are you supposed to calculate significance if you don't have more than one data point?! I am clearly a lost cause. D:

THEN I watched the Lancelot episode of Merlin and remembered all over again why I adore the show. So much just... fun! I missed it, I should watch some more again tomorrow. <3 Merlin hasn't TOTALLY lost me to Star Trek yet. I don't think it ever will I love it so much.

SPEAKING OF FANDOM! [ profile] seperis posted a story for Star Trek. Last time she posted fic for Merlin, I was rambling here about how it was so good it hurt. And.. this story did the same thing and.. and... just gaaah. So good. Oh fic.. my guilty pleasure.

I feel like I need a ZQ tag. I always end up rambling about him somehow by the end of my entries. On that note, I really need to make more icons because I wanna play with photoshop and do something more than just crop images. xD We'll see how well that works and if any of the results make it to the internets.

No new images have popped up... so... have this gif of him dancing with Kirsten Bell. With bonus!Masi on the side. :)

Ahh I love this gif. + glasses!

And just for fun. A motivational poster AND A PRESENT FOR [ profile] magicalmartha UNDER THE CUT.

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2009-05-29 10:59 pm


I showed my sister that Star Trek vid to Britney Spears.
Her first words when it was done: Wow.. he's really good-looking.

I laughed. And then agreed.

Have decided to make something to wear at Can't Stop the Serenity. Trip to Jo-ann's on Sunday is a go for pattern and fabric. yay sewing!
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2009-05-06 02:10 am
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I looove music anime!

Watched the 5 episodes of K-on that I downloaded last night. It did that thing.. where I started watching.. and I couldn't stop. And now I will sit here and LONG for more. So.. Rayray. THANK YOU FOR BEING ALL "OMG WATCH THIS".

First, Mugi is totally in love with the teacher and probably Mio. The teacher is all sorts of awesome and I'm glad she's borderline crazy. But I think my favorite character is Mio because a) she is freaking adorable... b) um.. more of the same. The show basically REEKS of ~moe~. S'all good. I loooove music anime. (Also I REALLY want that dress Mio wears in the ending song).

*fidgets* Is it next week yet? I need to see if the new FMA ep has been subbed in xvid so I can watch it too!

And here I was going to sit and watch Merlin tonight.. TOMORROW NIGHT I SWEAR IT. *withdrawl*

We had fajitas for dinner tonight. It was Cinco de Mayo, but that was not why we had them. Although it did mean I had to field a concerned call from my mom who was in the supermarket and could not find any tortillas. Also.. all the Mexican stuff was 50% off. *shrug* It was amusing night as my dad made margaritas for him and my mom.. and then spent the rest of the night randomly bursting into the Mexican Hat Dance song.. complete with shuffling around and dancing. Oh my life.

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2009-04-22 07:19 pm

i can see the world from there

First things first. "Chase the Morning" has me in its hold. I think after a good dozen listens of the whole soundtrack, it might just be my favorite song from the movie.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday! Present is bought, cake-making is planned. And my sister has a lesson at 8:30 which means I will be present for dinner as it will have to be before then. Good times! Also CAKE.

Last night when I went to bed I was determined to not over-sleep. At 10:45 when my last alarm went off, I was determined to get out of bed and go to work. At 11:37 when the manager called my cell phone to ask if I was ok and going to work.. I was so upset at myself. *hangs head* I was across town in 15 minutes. I'm so glad I'm not working tomorrow... *breathes*

I watched the Half-blood Prince trailer!! *slowpoke.jpg* It was.. visually impressive? I honestly haven't read the books in so long that I can't really compare book vs movie anymore. *woe* It makes me sad to even look at my books since I'd dropped all of them and now half of them just have chunks of pages falling out. And I never did get my copy with the Falmouth bookstore plate back from Pat. So it's all just a sad story. I do think I'd like to re-read at least the 6th and last soon. I am excited about the movie and hoping I can do the midnight showing thing. The logistics are tricky as both my cousin and grandma will be here when it comes out, which means my mom may not let my sister come with me. And... well I don't have anyone else to go to the movies with. xD I am lame.

I bought a pair of light blue/aqua tights for my cosplay. I need to get my ass to Jo-ann's for fabric and possibly a pattern.
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2009-04-22 12:44 am
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i am only living out a lie

I may or may not have been listening to the Repo soundtrack for the past 7 hours (minus an hour for dinner). JUST SAYING.

First things first

I joined up on the latest Merlin friending meme. So.. anyone new around here... WELCOME TO MY JOURNAL. Help yourself to cookies.. drink the Kool-aid at your own risk. etc etc... I was definitely starting to feel bit of a fandom void lately. Still have plenty of people left from the HP days (I still love you guys even if I don't comment places and such!), but mostly it's people I know IRL.. and I feel guilty when I squee too much at only that audience. *woe* So this came right in time and I forced myself to be all not-shy and join in.

Let's talk about my morning. And how I was scheduled at 11:30. And then how I woke up.. at 11:30. Ahahaha... I sat up wide-awake and called them right away. I was out the door in 10 minutes. I felt so bad because I'd been really good about getting up in time and then I went and messed it up. *sigh* As a result, I was out of sorts for the shift. And I was working with someone I don't normally work with, so I was a little... not happy with the shift. So glad when I got to leave earlier.

Tonight I was making lasagne noodles while my mom was ironing and she said the following to me: "You're starting school now so I think you need to start backing down with the anime stuff because school is more important". I was... vaguely appalled? I mean, I'm not stupid and I know that I NEED to do well if I want to get anywhere academically. But like... she was saying it like... it was something stupid and childish that I need to be leaving behind. And I'm just like, goddamnit anime is what saved me in college from any variety of stupid things that could have happened. Bah to that.

I have ep three of FMA sitting on my harddrive... maybe I should watch that when I'm done modding...
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2009-04-20 09:20 pm
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zydrate comes in a little glass vial

Sometimes my family is a mess. And sometimes we discuss Disney sequels over dinner. Tonight's conversation was highlighted by my father asking why Ariel's daughter (in Little Mermaid 2) didn't go back to the ocean and find herself a sugar-daddy. I'm sure it made sense to him.. but I don't even know. lulz.

I watched Repo! The Genetic Opera last night. I'd intended to watch about half an hour of it and then go to bed. Somewhere along the way I got sucked in and suddenly an hour had passed of the 1.5 hour movie. So I just finished it. It made me cry pretty bad.

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2009-03-13 12:20 am
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Mm... so I took my quiz at work today. Need 90% or better. If I don't get it.. one more try to do it. If I don't get it the second time.. no more job. I would be more stressed if I hadn't gone over the whole thing (with answers) right before I took the thing for real. xD Part of me still harbors an irrational feeling of dread that I will fail anyway. So silly of me.

Otherwise all continues well. I have managed to remember a few names and faces. My small talk is getting better. I figure I get through tomorrow (I'm working Friday dinnertime) then all will be well.

Driving Nick up to RI yesterday was ok. The day was pretty shitty, but he paid for my gas and I got Starbucks before we started driving. Had a nice late lunch type thing with him and his girlfriend before I headed home. mhm.

Have realized that a major hurdle to my sewing is that currently my mom has thread and such loaded onto my machine for fixing some things for my sister. And I keep forgetting to ask if I can re-thread it with my own so I can get something done. Buu... Am also now toying with prop-making for srs. Need to make Chidori's ankle.. things... in such a way that the spikes won't impale me when I walk (or other people!) and also in a way where I can remove them. I'm thinking half-circles and velcro right now. We shall see, I have time to play still.