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2006-04-28 11:50 pm
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Carin gave me 5 interview questions so I suppose I should actually answer them.

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And then I found this meme online somewhere, so I might as well do it and kill some time.
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Well that was fun.

School is officially over and now I need to start hardcore work for next week. Yes. Hardcore. Fortunately, I think I'm setup for some pretty ok grades.
Genetic engr. - def a high B
CSE - probably a B unless labs are worth a lot more than i think
Poli Sci - B
Gene Expression - maybe a B if I pwn the final
Ecology - A (grin) at least an A-

Tomorrow is the makeup anime meeting. Ought to be interesting. Went and signed papers for this year at the funding office. We got the funding for the first month of next year. Things are looking up.

Oh yeah, I also officially got a position in Sylvain DeGuise's lab for the summer. Gonna start the 15th and go for the summer. I get to play with oysters. And human blood. And flame retardant chemicals. fun fun. I'll be living at home and driving up most days, except when I get lazy and stay with Rachel since she's here working for RezWeb. Yup yup.

Maybe I'll try to do the work I wanted to start 2 hours ago....
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2006-03-23 08:58 am
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That, my friends, was the sound of pure pwnage

3 exams down. 1 to go. And things are looking up.

Tuesday went alright, there were only a few things I really wasn't sure about so if my calculations are right, I might be looking at an A-. Poli sci yesterday was the most BS-ing I've had to do in a long time. Granted half of poli sci seems to be BS-ing random crap, so we'll see. But I was really worried about today. I got a 67 on the first gene expression exam. So I really need an A on this one.... and... I think I might have done it. There were only 3 or 4 multiple choice questions that I guessed on (out of 20) and I pwned the short answer. wheeeeee!!!

So tomorrow is CSE, which I'm not that worried about. Multiple choice.. I'll just look over my notes and projects tonight before anime.

Having lunch with Susana today and then dinner with Susana, Kate, Andrea (future roomies) and Andrea's bf and Jacob. Should be interesting at least. Especially since I'm less stressed now which means more energy. *grin* And then anime club which will be.. interesting. Jess had promised us the use of her Fruits Basket DVD. I find out 2 days ago in a very curt AIM convo that Pat can email her with times to give her the current DVD back and that she lent out the last one and won't get it back till the end of the semester. Which is kinda WTF to me cuz she promised and she's allowed to hate me all she wants, but this only gives me more reason to not appreciate her much at all. meh whatever.

The best news I had all week was the professor I want to do research with finally emailing me back to say that summer work is a possibility so I'm finally meeting him on Wednesday and hopefully that will pan out and I can start planning my thesis. w00t w00t.

Last night was fun, I went to Walmart at midnight with Jacob, Nick and Sara. I bought a nerf gun among other things. *grin* Sadly, I couldn't find any bubbles. *BUT* there are some amazing pictures of the 3 of them wearing old lady hats and funny purses. *nods sagely*

Anyway, time to go reward myself with an ice mocha and head off to genetic engineering. Maybe we'll get our exams back......
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2006-03-17 12:19 pm
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only thing to do is jump over the moon

yeah... it's been a long week.

I have managed to be so abstracted and unfocused that unless I do some serious study this weekend, I will be woefully unprepared for my 4 exams next week. FOUR! *sigh*

My mind has decided to take a vacation I think. Saturday ought to be fun though. My brother has Pops n Jazz and Jacob and I will be going. I wonder how he's doing... I wonder if my parents told them anything... because if they did... he'll have found out on the opening night of the show... not cool.

i think... bah i don't know what i think.

i have cse hw due by midnight... the first function i attempted to write just failed to work... i tried to do it last night and ended up taking a 2 hour nap with Jacob instead. oops... work in half an hour. maybe i'll just do it tomorrow.... *sigh*

Work in half an hour... maybe i should get food so i'm not jittery from drinking an iced mocha on an empty stomach....


i'm totally losing my mind....
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2006-03-07 11:03 pm
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So it occured to me that I might, y'know, have exams coming up. So I went and looked them all up.

...i think I might die. *sighs*

So far I have:
Tues March 21 - Genetic Engineering
Wed March 22 - Political Science
Thurs March 23 - Gene Expression
Friday March 31 - Physiological Ecology
And I still don't know when my exam for CSE is, and for all I know it's going to be on the week I already have 3 exams and then I'll spend another glorious week like the one I fainted where I'll be stressed and studying all the time and just generally being unpleasant... *runs around flailing arms*

All this means is that it's going to be crunch time. I kinda need higher than what I got in gene expression. And I fully intend to pwn the others....

In other less stressful news, I got really bored today and dug out my old yearbooks from California. I then proceeded to look up all of my friends from Cali on Facebook and friended the ones I found. Kind of as a test to see who friends me back; and of those, who comments in a way that indicates they actually remember me. Of the I-dont-know-how-many, 8 have friended me back and 4 have shown indication that they remember me with messages or wall comments. The best part is, everyone looks nearly the same! It's crazy how the shape of someone's face really don't change even when they're like 10 years older. There are still a few I'm waiting on, but it's still pretty damn cool.

Anyway.. I should probably get on that reading I need to do for my upcoming exams.... *sigh*
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2005-12-16 07:58 pm
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End of Semester...

Wow. Just wow... It's the end of the semester. Break starts tomorrow. And I'm not happy. Why? I suppose some end of semester reflection is in order....

Exams went well. A in anthro. Probably an A- in Marine Bio. Hopefully a B in genetics or there will be no honors credit for me... And plant bio... where with 100 on the final, the highest possible was a C-... *sigh* I really hope I passed....

I can't quite pinpoint it I guess. It doesn't feel like the end of the semester. Usually by the end I'm ready to go home, I'm sick of school. But that was Thanksgiving break for me. And since then, things have just gone up. It feels wrong to be going home when things are going so good. Like it's risking something bad happening... I know it's a silly thought, but it's nagging me. And as a result I'm feeling down.

Home doesn't feel like home anymore. Here, surrounded by random stuff in my dorm room listening to music seems more like home. Hanging out with friends and just being silly feels more like home. Where I'm going tomorrow is my house. With inside jokes and experiences I don't understand anymore... Part of growing up I suppose. I was talking to Susana about this the other day. We were talking about x-mas and how neither of us don't have anything that we *want* for presents... And it occured to me... does that mean we grew up? We're no longer the little kids who say "I want a pony". *sigh* How depressing...

I dunno. I feel silly now. Silly but down. Maybe I'm just resisting the need to pack all my stuff. I hate packing. They need to invent something that lets you like, clap your hands and have everything fits into a very small box. and then to unpack you push a button on the box and it all snaps to where it belongs.

It's wrong. I don't know why I have such a bad feeling... like ominous almost.... *shrug* whatever.

I should probably pack, I'm too busy to be mopey...
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2005-12-08 02:50 am
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I'm sick of this exam bs...
Not only are finals this week, but I also have an exam on Friday. And it's a plant bio identification exam. Not cool.... Not at all..

I dont think finals should be too bad though.. I only have 4 since I slacked this semester and dropped my 5th class. And they're in the second half of the week, so I'll have time to study. Goal: OWN these finals. I'm going to need it... =\

Other than that, I think life is actually stable for me. There are certain things and people who still worry me... but I can't do anything about it. That was decided for me. So all I can do it stay away. The only thing that bothers me is I'm sensing a rift in the people I would call friends. Maybe it's imagined as usual. And I suppose it was only natural given the circumstances. It's just kinda cruddy feeling sometimes. Meh. I have other things to concentrate on. Like exams.. and happiness...

I just wish it wouldn't be so freakin cold outside.... The cold makes me sad...
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2005-11-11 12:31 pm
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Well then...

It certainly has been an interesting week. And a damn long one. I spent all of yesterday feeling like it ought to be Friday, and now here I am on the Friday feeling like I'm in limbo. It's quiet upsetting. That's what having exams on Monday and Wednesday will do to a person. I spent all of Sunday and Monday morning studying for genetics. Monday I just died slowly. Then Tuesday night and Wednesday morning was spent trying to learn Plant Biology. I must say that Wednesday's exam is what kills me. With a 25% on the first exam, I **need** a good grade on this one. Luckily the exam ended up being mostly term definition so I think it went well. And yesterday was my "ok i've done too much this week why is it still going?" day.

Yupp.... Things have been going well though. Pat and I are friends again, and this time I'm not going to be female and freak out at him and plunge us back to where we were. I suppose that means accepting certain things.. but that I will deal with in my own time. *nods sagely*

It's my dad's birthday today. And mine is on Tuesday. I can't believe it's already that time of year. Where did the semester go? The finals schedule is already out. I have 4 exams spread over Wed, Thurs and Fri. That either means I will be good and study the first half of the week. Or more likely I will procrastinate for 3 days and then panic and have a hectic 3 days of exams. Meh. Oh well it happens.

So... yeah. I should be getting my genetics exam back right now. But I got confused. The syllabus said something about going to the normal lecture room for something... so I did, but there's no one there. *looks pointedly at [ profile] latexloverct* I think I'm going to need some notes from you.... So yeah, now I'm just killing time till plant bio in half an hour.

yay me and my smrtness.

*bounces away*
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2005-10-11 04:37 pm
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Is it really Tuesday already? Damnation...

Well... school...
Thanks to the fact that I took the time to type up all the key terms from the website for anthro, I think I did pretty well on the exam. The exam was basically cake if you remembered all the terms. All I can say is that Justin owes me big for giving him a copy of the terms all typed up. *nods sagely*

Just got back from my marine bio lab practical. I have a headache... it didn't suck as much as I thought but there were definitely a few things I didn't know.. *goes to look up nematocyst* *wonders if that's spelled right* ... gar.. i shoulda known that.. -_-

Aaaaaanyway, my cold is doing slightly better and such. Still coughing and dry throat, but sudafed helped me a lot and I don't want to die anymore.

I spent three hours last night working my schedule for the next 1.5 years. After listing the classes I have left to take and realizing that if one of the 10 were offered next fall, I could graduate next fall... I decided that I needed to pick up another major. (Yes.. I'm crazy, tell me something I don't know.) So I'm now an Ecology and Evolutionary Bio major with minors in Chem and *bioinformatics*. w00t. Basically I get to take some CSE classes (I don't like taking classes for no purpose so this creates a purpose), a STAT class and some more cell bio classes. It's gonna be fun...

So as of now, next spring I will be taking: EEB296: Physiological Ecology of Animals, CSE123: Intro to Computing, STAT201: Intro to Stats 2, MCB201: Gene Expression, MCB212: Genetic Engineering, and POLS121: Comparative Politics. Plus working at ResNet still. It's only 17 credits.. nothing I haven't done before. And no labs... wheeeee..... It's gonna be awesome...

Wow... I really had nothing interesting to update about... so with that I wander away.... wheeee....
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2005-09-23 02:00 am
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So apparently I wasn't getting sick. Or if I was, being out in the sun helped me a lot since it warmed me up nicely. yay.

This week has been so freaking long. And it's only Friday now... which makes me sad inside.

People confuse me though. I've gotten people telling me I'm funny, cute, smart, fun.... but I don't feel it . meh. I don't understand.... (._.)

This weekend is gonna be annoying with my plant bio class. We're taking our trip to NW Connecticut, which would be cool... except that we're leaving at 8am. 8am!!!!!!!!! liek wtf mate. That's a Saturday... that's valuable sleep time! And we're not getting back till 5ish. *sweatdrop* That's too much plant bio for me.

Yeeeeeah... so I apparently have this exam next week in Marine Bio... Not cool cuz then the week after I have one in genetics. *cry* I don't like exams, but it's time to crack down. This 4.0 isn't going to arrive on its own. *nods sagely*

God... why am I still awake? *stares blankly at genetics book*