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2011-02-11 12:14 pm

Everything is angst

My day so far can be described with the following few sentences. I am so tired that I have a headache. Also, my coffee has made me extremely shaky and all this combined means I am sitting in the library trying not to cry.

So what on earth have I been up to?

Well. Last Friday I went to see Robyn at House of Blues with friends. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. There was stress getting everyone into the city, but once we got there and ate, it was awesome. Robyn is so cute and a whole lot of fun live. It was so weird going to a concert that was NOT Adam. The atmosphere was sooo different. Basically we rocked out for the whole time and it was fun.

The less fun part is that I have been fighting off... something... this past week. It started with nausea on Monday night that made me pass out asleep for 3 hours in the evening. From there I have spent the week battling with dizziness, nausea, constant headaches, a dry cough, etc etc. I'm not fully sick, but I'm feeling crummy enough that I might as well be. I also wasn't properly hungry until yesterday so I'm probably lacking some nutrition now too.

This weekend is going to be just as busy. My sister arrives in a few hours. I have to teach one more lab and then I think we are going to get dinner and bake. :) Tomorrow I am going into the city for the Cassidy Haley show and then people are gonna stay at my apartment. Then SUNDAY IS THE GRAMMYS. We are having a get-together... thing. There will be cupcakes. Mostly we want to know if Adam wins, but it will be great fun.

Of course, this means that I basically don't have any time to do work this weekend. Mostly this is unfortunate because I need to write an abstract about my research for Tuesday and... the requires having.... much more data than what I already have. So yes, this is going to be fun, but stressful.

That being said, I need to walk off some of this coffee. I think I am vibrating as I try to sit in one spot.

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2010-10-16 04:01 pm
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kris allen/lifehouse concert

Last night I went to Foxwoods Casino in CT for the Lifehouse show, with Kris opening. It was fantastic!

It was a long and stressful THREE HOUR drive down there. The traffic was AWFUL and I was on the verge of tears pretty much the whole time. I had wanted to be there for dinner with the other girls, but the traffic meant I got there 20 minutes before the show started. :(

Kris was up first and I was soooo excited. @sucia_bonita and I had front row in the balcony, so the view was awesomeee and I could lean forwards on the railing and bounce around without bothering people. I always forget how much I love Kris until I see him live again. He is such a solid performer and you can tell he has fun up there with his band. During our set he talked about the trees in CT.. and almost told us what floor of the hotel he was staying on. Oh Kris! The theatre was maybe half-full? Up on the balcony I couldn't see the whole floor, but at least the front half was pretty sparsely populated. HOWEVER, there was a looot of noise coming from the back part that I couldn't see... and SAW a lot of Kris t-shirts outside the theatre, so I bet it was much more populated back there.

His set seemed SO SHORT though! It was 35 minutes, I don't remember how many songs he played. He got us all to sing along during Alright With Me and Live Like We're Dying. The man sitting next to me even put in the effort to sing, which made me laugh. xD The whole vibe was so chill and it was nice to be at a show where I could sit in my chair, bounce around a bit, and just ENJOY! I hope that Kris has a chance to do some solo touring at some point, would love to see a longer set from him. :)

And then it was time for Lifehouse. They put on a solid show. True story: I used to be listen to Lifehouse A LOT during my freshman year of college. We're talking like.. if had existed, the stats on them would be scary. At the time I was in a relationship (internet-based) and they were kinda the soundtrack for that. After things ended, I moved on and I stopped listening to them. I literally hadn't listened to their music for like.... 5 years, except what is on the radio sometimes. So I wasn't really sure how much I was going to enjoy them.

As it turns out, I spent most of the concert realizing that I knew most of the songs that they were singing. And the atmosphere was so awesome. Very chill and happy. There was an adorable couple in the front row totally rocking out together. At one point, the lead singer just bounced off stage and started wandering in the audience, shaking people's hands and such while singing. And it was so calm! no rushing to try and shake his hand, no cameras shoved in his face. Sitting up there on the balcony I was like, oh... wow this is really different. But it was awesome! My favorite part by far was then the lead singer took the stage with just his guitar and sang song snippets. He was like, "yknow... we do lots of shows and there are always fans who we see all the time at every single venue. and a lot of the time, they are asking us why we didn't play their favorite song." I was laughing because.... I guess Lifehouse has their own cray too. Anyway, so he starts asking for people to yell out song names, and he even went over the cute couple to get a song that she wanted him to sing... and then he just..... sang pieces of different songs.

It was really fun and laid back and just... :') I really needed it.

Then I sat with the other 4 girls in the food court while I stuffed my face and we talked about everything and anything until 1am. <333 These are the nights with fandom that I stick around for.

I will leave you with this: (hands down my favorite lifehouse song, which was sung during the song-snippet portion. i had forgotten about it)
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2010-05-02 01:40 am

let's talk about how i'm a fool for adam lambert

guys. GUYS.

No really guys I don't think you understand.

Remember how I flew off to LA for the weekend over New Year's for an Adam concert? And then how I did it again for a casino show in the middle of nowhere in Southern LA?

So he's touring this summer. Across the US. I think if I had the time and money... I would like.. stalk the tour. The whole tour isn't even announced and I'm already like "oh i'm going to three shows... three nights in a row... during the weeks.. in 2 different states... states that are not the one my apartment is in" (OMG REALLY I SWEAR I HAVENT TAKEN TOTAL LEAVE OF MY SENSES...)

May 22: KISS 108 concert. Adam, Kris, Kesha, Orianthi. omg
June 22: NYC Nokia Theatre (maybe as this is a Tuesday)
June 23: NYC Nokia Theatre, the redux. (if i can only do 1 NY date, this is it)
July 2: Lady Gaga with my sister (omg!)
July 3-10: family vacation
3rd week of july: mom and grandma visiting me?

And this is without all the dates announced. I'm reeeeeally hoping for a late summer date in LA (all down Cali?) that will let me use my plane voucher from the NYE fiasco for a vacation longer than 3 days on the West Coast. (if that fails.... I may go to Las Vegas for Halloween? what?) And there's is HOPEFULLY going to be a Boston show. And maybe Southern NH. AND OMG I KNOW THIS IS INSANE YOU DONT NEED TO TELL ME.

But omg then I watch things like the following fanvid and remember how TOTALLY AMAZING HE IS LIVE ITS LIKE A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE WHERE YOU WALK AWAY FEELING DRUNK (or... more drunk that you already are) AND LIKE OMG.
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.....EDIT: jfc self, say OMG more. I dare you. Something will happen nothing will happen
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2009-09-17 08:29 pm


This is the post I'm going to be making to ontd_ai in a bit. I don't wanna do it now cuz the anon post went up about half an hour ago so people will be busy there. Plus I need to test it to make sure it's not gonna break things. (so the tone might be a bit odd since it was written for posting to a public comm.

So... I went to the Manchester show. It was all sorts of epic (although stressful at a few points). But first I need to thank [ profile] mylittlehottie for hooking me up with the amazing ticket and letting me flail and scream and generally act insane with her. Also many thanks to [ profile] herquiethands + sister for be-friending me in Providence and being my patient car buddies for this show. :D

JSYK, I was sitting in pod B, row AA. The seat right at the corner closest to the front of the stage. TONS OF PICS UNDER THE CUT OMG

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As an added aside. i totally didn't post even half of my pictures.
There's the whole album. Feel free to use them for whatever. Photobucket kinda borked the quality a bit so if you have a burning desire for the original size of any of them.. just let me know. They're 4000 x 3000 originally...
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2009-09-16 12:22 pm
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kradam is real!! (lol no not really, it's just funny to say)


But oh my gosh I am so glad I went ahead with this crazy plan. So much stuff happened that I don't even have the words for it. I am so sad it is over and I need to find videos of the night so I can re-watch over and over. Don't Stop Believing was.. epic. They were having so much FUN on stage the whole night.

I got some amaaaaazing pictures from my seat. During the finale, a bunch of stuff (things that had been thrown on stage throughout the tour) fell from the ceiling and I managed to grab a feather boa. I wore it all the way home and there are feathers all over my car and things now. But OMG.

Ahhh I am incoherent. I really need to focus on trying to catch my second wind, we have an outdoor lab today and it's supercold and windy.
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2009-09-15 12:43 pm
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Just found out that my advisor is leaving work at 3:30pm. This means that I can leave as soon as I hear from the other girls to confirm that they're on the T to Wonderland. This means we might even get there before 5:30!!!! And how totally awesome is that?! It means I might be able to get over to the bar where the rest of the ontd_ai crew is meeting up before the show!

And just so you know...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic





Ok I need to go back to class now..
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2009-09-14 09:19 pm
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Providence Idols Live!

Alright while my laundry is going and I'm not going any schoolwork, I'm gonna churn out this review. :) Be warned that this is very picture heavy and there will probably be a lot of words.


Kris and Adam invite you in
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic (Adam is not sure what he's supposed to do with!)

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2009-09-14 01:49 pm

quick update between papers

I am so sorry, I'm sure you are all like "oh god SHUT UP about Idol", but....


My new camera is apparently the sex because even at like 13x zoom, I got some great pictures. There will be a full review later with pictures and thoughts on the second viewing. Highlights included getting a pic with Sarver, eating lunch with a pair of sisters from the Philippines and Adam coming out to sign (no autograph for me.. but.. he was so close oh god).


So yes, pictures and review tonight. More twitter spam tomorrow night. *FLAAAAAIL*

(someone stop me, this is getting out of hand)

ps- later this week I need to do some ZQ/Pine/Urban picspam to make up for the lack of balance lately.
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2009-09-11 10:21 am

in the niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

Apparently morning is my ideal time for updating this. Procrastination = win?

So I bought that ticket from the Providence show. 12th row on the floor, at the front right section. Now I need to find a Best Buy on the way to Providence so I can buy a digital camera that can actually take good pics. I'm thinking that Monday/Tuesday I'm going to stalk ticketmaster a bit to see if I can pick up a ticket for the final show. It's... 2 hours-ish to Manchester NH from here.. so I could theoretically leave here at 5 and get there in time for the start of the show. (christ I am such a fangirl. fangirls with a bit of extra money are a dangerous thing). I just... I want it to be my epic official end of the summer I guess. Before I really start with hardcore school and can't take the time away to be a dork and flail.

Watched the episode of Glee last night on hulu. OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW. Just... "lady justice wept today", celibacy club, "all by myself", I just... no words. I haven't been this excited about a show that's showing on tv at the moment in a while. Hopefully I'll be able to watch it on tv, but if not, it is being posted on Hulu. Yay internets!

This weekend is the open house at the marine center. I am... not sure if I'm "required" to be here. My advisor has told me nothing and I get the sense that it's kinda encouraged. *sigh* I didn't sign up as a volunteer to run any activities or anything. I kinda wanna go into the city to hang out with Phil, but part of me is like... I need to be involved. Especially since I'm the only person in my lab currently so I don't have anyone to bond with right away. Makes me glad my office-mate is my roommate as well.

Yeah... about that reading. I got the first reading for my Molecular Ecology class... and it's... a lot of pages. Basically the first chapter of a book. I'm glad we don't have to buy a textbook, but oh god pages. Thirty of them. *headdesk* Someone smack me.
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2009-08-17 10:25 pm

08/16/09: BEST DAY EVER Y/Y?

Hey guys, so in case you didn't know.. I went to this concert last night. ;)

I'm gonna put the whole thing under a cut because I took like 300 pictures over the course of the day. So I'm going to post some of the better ones along with the 2 vids I took. There will be rambling and impressions throughout.

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2009-08-16 03:40 pm

@ the apple store

I just needed to say that it's really hot outside.

If anyone cares, I am having a spam twitter day as I flail before and during the concert.

Went to the barricades. Missed Sarver. Saw Danny and Matt. Got pics. Got scrawled sig. [ profile] brightlightss I GOT SOME GREAT PICS OF DANNY FOR YOU SINCE I KNOW YOU LIKED HIM.

Apparently they are setting up an indoor aftershow public thing in the main lobby of the XL center instead of barricades outside. good to know. hopefully i can leave soon enough after the concert to get towards the front. :)

Did I mention that I upgraded my ticket to an 11th row floor seat? cuz i totally did. because i am some kind of special.

ok now i need to find myself a sandwich, starbucks and a seat. xl center parking is $10 after 5pm so I wanna get there shortly after 5 to soak in the atmosphere (and yknow.. get a good parking spot)
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2009-08-16 03:27 am



Everything has been a whirl of activity. Sent off the lease papers and check today. Moving things in the 25th. Getting my keys the 1st. It's so soon and I am sooo not ready for this omg.

But this weekend... THAT DOESNT MATTER.

Why you say?

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2009-07-30 03:49 am

Writer's Block: Let's Be Friends

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*chokes a little bit on her own amusement*

I have nothing to even say here besides the fact that I am in full-on OMGCOSPLAYFINISHNOW mode and am thus taking a break from Mene till Sunday night. Just... stuff. Meh.

So instead have a Lambert gif.
have a cut too! )

ps- totes bought a ticket to the concert tonight. lower level hells yes
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2009-07-27 01:11 am

i need an idol icon

i am seriously considering buying a ticket to the american idol concert on aug 16th at the xl center in hartford.

um.. does anyone else care/want to come? if not, i'll end up going alone regardless. xD just throwing it out there.