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2012-08-29 01:43 am

yeah, you taste like sugar

New York this weekend was fabulous. On Saturday we found the One Direction VMAs billboard in Time Square. Then I got Bagel Bites and we watched Swan Princess and 8 episodes of Teen Wolf. Then Sunday was boozy-brunch where I drank lots of mimosas (but not TOO many cuz I had to get on a bus back to Boston) and caught up with so many people I love. Our waiter was a saint and there was a point where we hijacked the speakers in the room where they put us to play hits like Call Me Maybe and some Spice Girls classics.

I have to say though, that I might need to switch my bus provider. The Megabus departure spot is in a seriously inconvenient place now! It used to be right by Penn but now it's over by the Javits center and that is not cool.

Still no word on TA assignments, although I have heard rumors that SOME people already know... so I am hoping we get them tomorrow. I REALLY don't want to have to go visit the guy in charge of these things.

In other news, Matchbox Twenty has a new full length album coming out next week and the whole thing is currently streaming free on itunes. I am already desperately in love with three of the songs (Parade, English Town and Like Sugar). You should all give it a listen. :D
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2012-08-24 04:08 pm

odds and ends

I have actually managed to do a bit of data analysis this week. Of course now I have no idea what to do with the numbers, but I will take what I can get. I'm still stuck with this block on writing my proposal. I have a general outline and a list of references.. but every time I open the word document, I can feel the urge to throw my laptop and run away to Alaska rising. This, more than anything, is what convinces me that I need to get out of academia and find something else to do with my life. So yup, yay school. (On an semi-related note, they still haven't given us our TA assignments and it's frustrating because I just want to KNOW. I HAVE A LIFE TO PLAN, SCHOOL.)

On a more personal note, I have had some wicked insomnia for the past 2 weeks and it's driving me a little bit insane. I haven't been able to fall asleep before 3am and often it's closer to 4am when I am staring at my ceiling and wishing for death. I think that part of the problem is that I have to sleep with a fan on me because summer and it's really difficult for me to find sleep when there is moving air on me. I like to curl up under blankets and be warm, but not too warm... and having air messes it all up. I have tried going to bed at midnight/1am. I have tried finally crawling into bed at 2:30. I tried drinking herbal tea (no caffeine) the other night and all that happened was that I didn't fall asleep till 3:30 and then was wide awake at 7:30am. And waking up that early didn't even help because it still took me till 4am to sleep the next night. The main problem is that when I can't fall asleep till that late, I end up sleeping through all my alarms and then wake up at noon feeling gross. Ugh, so frustrated.

I am off to NYC this weekend to hang out with people, so maybe that will help. The bus is at 9am, which means I need to leave the house between 7-7:30 and I am honestly considering just not sleeping at all and then sleeping 4 hours on the bus. Uggghhh.

In other news, I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars last night and cried for about half an hour.
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2012-08-21 03:25 pm

she took the midnight train going anywhere

I basically had the perfect weekend this past weekend. I had a friend visiting me and we sat around watching JGL movies, talking about fandom and life, and ordering all our meals in the form of delivery. We ended up watching Hesher, 50/50, Brick, Manic... and then ended the weekend by watching Reichenbach. (We clearly hate ourselves). Also, I don't think I ate any vegetables and felt like crap for the rest of Sunday, oops.

And now it's back to work. August is almost over and there are an increasing number of undergrads on campus. There's 2 weeks till classes start officially and we still don't have our TA assignments, go figure. I just want to know what my schedule is so I can plan the rest of my life? I'm in the process of applying for a part-time thing with the overnight programs at the Museum of Science. I think it'll be good teaching experience outside of academia, and also potentially fun.

Question though. The application form says that I have to list professional references, so I emailed both of the bio lab supervisors (who have seen most of my teaching) to ask if I could list them. The problem is that one of them has an out of office message and they won't be back till Sept. Is it bad if I list her anyway? What are the chances the museum even contacts any of them?


In more fun news, tv is still consuming my life. Teen Wolf ruins everything and I might be writing a thing. If I thought I could make it 15,000 words, I would sign up for the big bang, but right now it's just vague ideas... so I better not tempt fate. Speaking of writing, I have too many WIPs, I should get on that. (There is the Mentalist thing - which I have plotted, but words are HARD, I still have a Grimm Hogwarts AU on the backburner, I promised Manda I would do a 1D thing, ugh).

Grimm started last week and it is SO GOOD, you guys. I just needed everyone to watch this show because it gives me a lot of feelings and thoughts and I want to discuss it all forever. It's certainly not flawless, but the world it is building around the characters is just too good to skip. Can't wait to see where the season goes.

So yes, that is where I am right now.
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2012-07-02 06:19 pm


Sooooo.... I ended up surviving the end of the summer semester just fine. And I also got my letter for my TA next fall, which is.... really fast for my school? I am convinced that this means everything will go horribly wrong by the time fall gets here. Because, let's be real, this is my life.

The past week has been a bit of a whirlwind because my grandmother left this past wednesday, so I spent the weekend attempting to finish all my grading and spending as much time as possible with her. Then, I went back to Boston on Monday to get work in order so I could leave again on Thursday. I also spent a lot of those couple days crafting. I have gotten good at making these tote bags and after I make the couple friends have asked me for, I am considering throwing the rest I make on etsy. We shall see.

In other news, I am currently on vacation with my family. We are currently in Maryland, right by a bit of the Bay. It has been nice, minus the part where we didn't have power on Saturday and most of Sunday. It was very hot and humid and generally miserable, but now that the power is back, there has been much basking in the A/C after going down to the beach to read in the sun.

I should probably be glad about the break, but the back of my mind is worried about all the things I need to get done before comic con. I am determined to try and finish this costume before I leave. Plus packing... and dealing with work... and bah!

SPEAKING OF WHICH.. the schedule was finally released and I am stuck with the agonizing realization that the Grimm panel is scheduled right in the middle of the WB panel, which is going to include the Hobbit. Literally, I weep. I am still trying to decide what to do, although, right now I am leaning towards the Grimm panel because it will probably be less stress and less time sitting in line and sitting through things I don't actually care about.
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2012-06-15 12:50 am

i'm gonna paint you by numbers and color you in.

Drive-by update while I want for the Suits season premiere to finish... acquiring.

Next week is the last week of teaching and I really need to get myself going on finishing this stupid proposal so I can just get on with my life. Now I just need to stop getting stressed and upset when I think about opening the document. Argh. My project is going fine. It will be okay. And yet, whenever I try to write about it... I just shut down. Am I allowed to cite residual trauma from my last lab still...?

In more happy things, I managed to do some fun me-things this week. I added words to a google-doc that has been sitting untouched for months. Tonight I finally pulled all the crafting things out and made myself a nice tote bag. It was meant to be a prototype before I use my awesome fabric, but I have ended up really liking it. Next week I want to make a matching zippered pouch to keep inside the tote since there are no pockets. (I actually know how I would add pockets for next time, but I didn't bother for this). I also got something in the mail that I needed for my planned costume sewing, so I can work on that next week too.

I also bought myself a hula hoop tonight. I know a few people who like hooping and it's like fun exercise, so how could I lose? Plus, it is shiny. I am actually eyeing the mini-hoops now because it's kinda like poi.

Also, I am currently obsessed with Ed Sheeran's album. It's called + and has been out in the UK for a bit, but it came out this week. I bought it on a bit of a whim and have been listening non-stop. It's like.. folky singer-songwriter with some hip-hop and it works.

So yes, now I am off to watch Suits and.... then bed. Yes.
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2012-06-05 04:25 pm

baby you light up my world like nobody else.

Oh hai.

It has been a bit of a month. Teaching is kicking my ass. It's two labs a week and I'm just constantly playing catch-up because I have learn the material, prep the labs, teach.. and then do all the grading. It would probably be easier if my weekends were less tied up, but.. yeah...

That being said, I am actually enjoying this lab more than I expected. I have never been particularly interested in A&P, but it's a lot more interesting than I thought? I mean, the circulatory system was terrible and I would like to forget it exists, but the rest is actually fun. (We are ignoring the pile of grading that is currently sitting next to me).

As for my weekends... they are all about family time right now until the end of June. My grandmother is here from Chile and she is leaving much earlier than usual. Unfortunately, this means she is leaving right about when my teaching stuff STOPS so I can't even take a few extra days to spend with her at home. The thing that sucks the most is that in general I have a hard time being at home and dealing with... things.... that I don't want to talk about.... so I am going home every weekend to be with her but then I also just hate things and don't want to be there. Ugh. Also, my brother is moving to Colorado on July 10th and things are just very complicated at the moment.

On the plus side, this weekend is the town fair and I am very excited. Kettle corn! Snocones! Art fair and buying pretty things! Food! Library book sale! I basically LIVE for this thing, so I can't wait to spend my Saturday at it. Then I have friend plans on Sunday that will include watching movies about silly boybands and arts & craft time. ...So you can see why I am so swamped with grading otherwise. /woe.

So... that is the state of my life. I am still counting down the days to Comic-Con and starting to wonder when I am even going to have time to finish my costume sewing for it.
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2012-05-16 01:52 pm

feels like i'm having a meltdown, feels like i'm losing control

So, I totally didn't mean to vanish for nearly a month. It has been kinda hectic for me with the semester ending, all my weekend trips, and the beginning of the summer session.

I actually have a mental backlog of posts I want to make, so have a list!
- two 100 noms posts (I have had the pics for weeks now, oops).
- two 100 science things posts (again, I know which 2... )
- I'd like to make a post with my feels on the 2 Tribeca films I saw (Rat King and Caroline & Jaackie)

I had thought about making an Avengers feels post.... but I feel like everyone has done that already. Speaking of which, I am going to see it again tonight and I am preeeeetty excited about it. My change in LJ icon default reflects this.

School-wise... things go on? I have started TAing with my new class and it's been pretty okay so far. (Side note: I just got a call on my phone from Forks, WA and I am giggling to myself). The material is not difficult, it's just a lot to learn for the first time and then be able to teach. But I will muddle through!

But I don't actually care about that! I care more about all my tv shows ending for the season and destroying my emotional state. I watched the Hawaii Five-0 finale last night and was a mess for like an hour afterwards... which.... is not something that apparently happened to everyone else who watched it? I know it's stupid TV, but I love it anyway because they all have excellent faces and it's entertaining.. and that is enough for me. *sits in corner and sulks*

I have to watch The Finder still (which was unsurprisingly cancelled. I will miss it anyway). I also have The Mentalist.... which has destroyed me with all its other finales, so I don't expect this to be any different. And this time I won't even have more episodes to ease the pain. (Someday I will make my post of Patrick Jane feels and no one will read it, but I won't care. Someday). AND THEN GRIMM IS ON FRIDAY AND I ACTUALLY WILL DIE SO NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER. /cough.

Wow, based on this entry, all I care about in life right now is TV. Oops.

Anyway, I hope things are good for everyone out there. Now back to work! :)
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2012-04-24 10:35 am

[100 noms] 001. tacos

Hello LJ!

So I vanished again after announcing my projects, oops. I have gained a few new people though, so welcome! I feel like I should have warned for grad school complaining in my sign-up comment.

ANYWAY, here is my first post for the delicious side of my project.

First up is something easy because I had some ground beef that I needed to use up last week and I always default to either tacos or pasta sauce. In this case, I had avocados on hand, so tacos it was!

one, aka recipes are silly )

In other news, I woke up at 5am to be at the lab by 6. And I just agreed to meet with my advisor around 2:30/3pm. So that was stupid and there is not enough coffee in the world right now.
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2012-01-30 11:20 am

how can i love when i'm afraid to fall

Another Monday, another 3 hours of sitting in the teaching labs.

At least today I had a student stop by for Excel help for about 5 minutes. This does not change the fact that I am frightfully hungry and have no hope of food for another 2 hours. I am craving grilled cheese again (which is weird, I had never even eaten a grilled cheese sandwich until I hit college) so I might have to stop at the grocery store on the way home. Also, it's cold in this lab. /mope.

I had a lovely weekend of avoiding everything I meant to do! I had all this grading scattered around my room and never got to it. Now I am staring at it in dawning horror because I need to do at least half of it by 8am tomorrow.

At least I used my new blender twice? Mmmmm.. smoothies...

this has been a post
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2012-01-20 12:12 am

in a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king.

Have a hit-and-run entry, friends.

I uploaded some new icons over on LJ. Then I agonized over my 15 icon spots on DW.

I am no longer sick, which is exciting! Also work is good, mostly because I didn't have to teach lab this week. I also picked up a new computer for my desk, so by next week I won't have to drag my laptop around anymore.

Most of my week was spent rewatching all of Sherlock with @Manderkat. Let's just say that I still have ALL THE FEELINGS. ALL OF THEM. I expect to be word-vomiting those at you.. sometime this weekend.

Also, I have decided that The Horror of Our Love is my personal Moriarty theme song. It's fantastically stalker-creepy.

Anyway, yes. I am alive.
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2012-01-13 02:11 pm

darling, everything's on fire.

This week has not been a good work-week. I am mostly ok now, although my cough is still lingering with a bit of chest congestion. My body has basically retaliated by making me sleep as much and as late as possible. On Wednesday I literally didn't even open my eyes until noon... which was a problem since I had to teach at 2:50. I ended up eating lunch and driving myself to campus to teach in a sleepy haze. Then on Thursday I woke up at 12:30 and then decided to ignore everything and fell back asleep until 2pm. #lifefailure

Anyway, teaching has been.... good. I am cautiously optimistic, despite having to teach at 8am on Tuesdays. Since this lab is actually meant for bio majors, it means they are more invested in what they are learning. Also, I don't have to feel weird for being excited about lab things. (No really. We extracted strawberry DNA in lab this week and I was just like, OMG YOU GUYS BUT IT IS SO COOL AND AWESOME!!!!!Nsl;jfa')

On the nail polish front (lol, my life), I placed a couple orders today and now I am super impatient and want them NOW! I got Nubar Black Polka Dot because OMG black glitter so cool. Also I don't have any black glitter. I also placed an order with Nerd Lacquer for:
I Think You Call Me...Sexy [x]
Anti-Social Media [x]
Exterminate [x]
Hyperspace Bypass [x]
Event Horizon [x]
Don't Blink [x]

Depending on how this order turns out, I will probably be buying more. There will probably be an un-boxing/swatch post around here after I get it too. Also I want some of the A England Legends collection, but I have decided to wait until I have better swatches. Since it's from the UK and also expensive, I need to choose carefully.

LOL, this is what happens when I check my student accounts and discover that my fellowship went through and I can request the reimbursement for the full amount.
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2011-12-06 01:30 pm



I might be a little hyper on caffeine right now, so... lol, bear with me?

Had a fabulous weekend of doing nothing at all, except for going to craft night for a while on Saturday. Of course, this was after the most miserable Friday EVER. Basically (TMI ALERT?) I had crazy cramps and a low-level headache all day and I had zero meds in my bag. Then, I decided to go to the grad student happy hour and had like three beers and some snacks. By the time I got home, my head hurt so much I could barely see and everything was pain. I managed to get some water and meds in me and then passed out for 3 hours. Not my best plan. ANYWAY.

Yesterday was the last day of teaching this semester. My students had their lab practical (which I have to grade today, ick) and now I won't have to deal with them until the day of the final which I have to proctor. So yay for surviving another semester!

I had a lot of feelings about Hawaii Five-0 last night, as usual. I may have to vent about it later, but no one cares so... *shifty eyes*

In other news, I made a cart of all the Glitter Gal and Hits no Olimpo nail polish that I want and it was $104 worth of polish. .... I narrowed it down to half my wishlist and bought it. WAY TO GO SELF, YOU DID NOT MEAN TO DO THAT. I am such a sucker for these holographic polishes though! So shiny. From Glitter Gal I got Lizard Belly, Light As a Feather, Green and Dark Purple. I also got Hera from the Hits no Olimpo collection.

And now I should possibly get some lunch to try and balance out all this caffeine.
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2011-11-30 03:02 pm

i got no problem with saying goodbye

I hate coming back from breaks longer than the weekend. It always takes too long to get back into the work-focus thing and this is the time of year where no one can afford that extra day. Plus, since I teach on Mondays, I had to get myself back to it faster than usual. At least I only have to give the kids their last practical exam this coming Monday and then it will just be the usual pile of grading. Yay...

School-wise, I had a really awesome meeting with my advisor today. My project is coming along nicely and I might have an actual story to tell! So that is super exciting. I even figured out who will likely be on my committee, so I just need to email them and set up a meeting for the beginning of next semester. So really, I just need to get working on writing my thesis proposal. I think technically the department wanted me to have submitted it by the end of this semester, but there was a hold-up with my animal protocol, so I think it will be okay? Whatever, I am making actual progress.

Also, every time something good happens and I get positive feedback, I am reminded of what I was missing in my old lab. My advisor definitely doesn't hover or micro-manage, but he takes the time to sit with me and point out where things are good and where they need to change. Really, sometimes you just need someone to say that you did something right. :D (Of course, as I type this, I am currently waiting for the data collection computer to update and hoping that I didn't fuck up my file transfer. If I did... then I will have lost a couple hours of data and will have to change the setting around, which would not be awesome).

And now for some fun things?
White Collar is coming back in a month and a half. I am so charmed by that whole show and now I have a deadline for catching up! I haven't been watching Misfits, but I didn't like Rudy that much so....? Not sure if I will pick it back up again. Um... Merlin happened, yeah. (grrr). I still don't know why everyone LOVES Once Upon A Time and will stay over here in my corner of "omg I love Grimm even though the main character is kinda boring, but I love everyone else".

Mostly I just need Sherlock to give me something new. I NEED IT.

Also, last night before I went to sleep I re-read XDay and remembered all over again why it wins as my most favorite manga series of forever.

So yes. Hi Livejournal.
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2011-11-04 04:37 pm

everything is wrong

Ugh, I am really glad it's Friday because I am so done with everything right now.

My parents have power back, so that's good. But then I was mail-chatting with my mom and apparently a girl my brother knew in high school was fatally stabbed by her (ex?)boyfriend last night (story), so tonight's plan is going to be a lengthy phone call with him. According to my mom, he's pretty torn up about it. I feel pretty unequipped for the entire conversation tbh. The world sucks.

Of course, I got this news right after a horridly passive-aggressive email from the teaching lab supervisor about how I am late to office hours. Which... yes, that is under my control, but it's frustrating when I leave the house just after 7:30 (which should be plenty of time to make it by 9am) and still end up in traffic... or waiting for the T.. or whatever. It doesn't help that last week I slept right through TA meeting (ugh) and just.. blah. Mostly I am concerned that I will get a bad TA eval at the end of the semester. Sigh.

I just feel like a pile of blah right now. I have plans for Sunday to go to the movies with [ profile] zorabet but otherwise, I kinda want to curl up and not deal with anything. This probably just means I will spend Saturday eating too much junk food and watching disney movies all day.

Hi, my name is Carolina and I don't know how to deal with my life.
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2011-10-25 12:18 pm

only pretty on the outside, full of nails on the inside

Last week was not a good week for me mentally and motivation-wise. First Monday happened (my arm is pretty much better at this point but my knees still hurt when I put pressure on them). Then on Thursday I messed something up with my experiment timing by walking into the lab 5 minutes too late to re-set something. Then I might have just skipped Friday entirely due to lack of motivation. Sigh. I just had a lot of grading and it's getting colder outside and blah.

This weekend was good though. Mostly because I went to Trader Joe's and bought lots of delicious food, then there was a superhero movie marathon. HI I REALLY LIKE THE IRON MAN MOVIES. ALSO, SUPERHEROES YAY. CAN IT BE MAY NOW?! Avengersssss. *__*

This week is better? I met the dude who does general animal room maintenance yesterday. He was really cool! We chatted while I was doing my own work. He apparently owns a bunch of birds and sells the feathers to a local hairdresser; he complimented me on the feather earrings I was wearing yesterday. :D Um, then I changed the timing on my experiment today (finally!) and all was well.

So yes, that is my update. Next week I am going to brave finding my way around Harvard to attend a screening of the Piled Higher & Deeper (PHD comics!) movie. The trailer looks great, so I am excited to see it. :D There are screenings pretty much everywhere, so you should all look it up.

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2011-10-12 02:01 pm

i think i'm being haunted by joe jonas

Just a quick update. I have many thinky thoughts to post at some point about school and life and stuff, but right now I am too busy drinking my coffee and waiting for the caffeine to hit.

- I love Spotify because it lets me stream new albums. I also hate Spotify because it does things like tell me that Joe Jonas's album is available for streaming and then I end up listening to it twice and now this one song WILL NOT LEAVE MY HEAD. I need an intervention. That being said, I didn't hate the album? Sigh.

- I answered everyone who gave me a fandom in this post. Go look at my sad excuses for unpopular opinions? idk idk.

- My advisor is not here today, so I am totally just leaving early because it's going to rain later and I'd like to go to the grocery store and then walk home without hating my life.

- School is good. My research is good. yay.

- Sherlock is airing in the US on PBS starting on May 13th. So... that's good. It means we get it via download before the Avengers movie, which has become my new standard for "omg waiting forever".

- Speaking of the Avengers movie... dhisakl';hlfhklsk;lajkl;jd TONY. STEVE. AVENGERS. OMG LOKI. THOR GIGGLES. WHAT. (i have aaaalllll the feelings)

- Also, everyone should go see 50/50 even though it will totally make you cry.

- This ended up being a longer list than expected. I hope everyone is having a lovely day, you should tell me nice things.
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2011-09-21 09:52 am


It's the day again. The one where I sit in the empty teaching lab and wait for students who are never actually going to show up to ask questions. My happy discovery of the day is that the awesome closet-nerd high school bio teacher has his class right before my office hours. See, Northeastern lets some local high school have bio lab in the teaching labs, because... something. And this dude is a total nerd. He owns a Thundercats belt buckle, like.. I really just don't know what to say. Basically, I want to be his friend. So that will be my reward for actually showing up to office hours on time.

Today's LivingSocial deal is $8 tickets to the aquarium (plus 10% off either the food place or the gift shop). CLICK HERE Of course I bought it because I still have not been there and if I can get in for $8 and reduced food price... then sign me up!

[ profile] ladies_fest
[ profile] ladies_fest
[ profile] ladies_fest

If you are not prompting.. why are you still here?

Yesterday I stayed home and did lots of school reading. It was good. I probably should have gone to the lab, but I woke up and just didn't feel like it. Sometimes I just need a day when I'm doing work but also not interacting with anyone in person.

Then I watched 6 hours of Young Indiana Jones which.. yea. that happened.
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2011-07-22 03:19 pm

brb, melting

So... it is like a billion degrees outside right now. Fortunately, there is a lot of A/C in the lab. It actually gets to the point sometimes where I am COLD! yay!

However, this means that I never want to leave. Everyone just left for the weekend and I'm like, uh.....

The apartment search continues. I am a little :| about it because I have replied to a bunch of ads over the past week and NO ONE has gotten back to me. I PROMISE I AM A GOOD ROOMMATE PLZ LET ME HAVE YOUR EMPTY ROOM. It's frustrating because I want to move in like 3-4 weeks and I need to SEE the room first/meet people and I'll be gone Thurs-Monday next week, visiting @Manderkat. Like, how long does it take for people to reply. I am half-worried that my emails are just not making it? The emails show up in my sent box though... BAH! My friend had a lead on a possible room but it was definitely above my current budget, so that's no good.

Lab is going well. I have been in all week (except Wednesday when I overslept). Waking up before 8am is proving.... a difficult adjustment. I also managed to use the bus successfully several times!!! It's actually pretty easy. Now I just need the temperature to go down so I can walk there without wanting to DIE. (Note: I drove my car today because of the heat).

I am going to a wedding on Sunday and bought the dress yesterday. :D It's navy blue with scattered big polka dots. I love it and will potentially post pics of it after this weekend.

Yup... Also I wish I were in San Diego. Comic Con.... *weeps* I am determined to get there next year somehow. When I start getting paid again.. there will be saving. I'm kinda hoping there will be Hobbit-y things there next year since the movie will be coming on at the end of 2012 (omggg).

I hope everyone survives the heat! <3
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2011-07-06 12:00 pm


So here I am on campus. I am so freaking tired, I don't even have words. I have trained myself into a wicked case of insomnia this past month and now my body hates me. It took me like 2 hours to fall asleep last night. Sometime around 5am I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, trying not to cry. Kinda dozed on and off until 7:30 when my alarm went off and could tell as soon as I shut it off that my body was finally ready for some proper deep sleep.... except instead I made myself get up at 8:30. Hoping that the resulting exhaustion will mean that I get in bed and actually fall asleep like a normal person tonight. Unfortunately, I know that I will just suddenly feel wide awake at about midnight and the whole cycle will repeat. Argh.

Anyway, this afternoon I officially will be doing something in my new lab. It might just be sitting at a desk and reading, but that is a start. I didn't do nearly as much reading this month as I should have (I *DO*, however, have an extensive knowledge of the entire catalog of James McAvoy filmography. #priorities #theyarewrong) but I am also leaving this weekend for a week of family vacation, so I think I will just do my catching up then. I assume I need to have some sort of thesis proposal done by the end of August. Who knows.

One of my high school friends got married this past weekend. Pretty much everyone I know who attended also brought a date. FOREVER ALONE. It was really a beautiful ceremony and a lot of fun, but it really only reminded me that I suck at meeting new people and therefore hold very little hope of having my own wedding someday. (PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG, UNIVERSE).

Anyway, I am hungry. So I shall go seek food (I really need to find a way to bring lunch with me, despite the long trip. It's either that or not eating lunch ever) and then see if my advisor is around to at least let me into the lab.

PS - I have plans for a James picspam soon. You have been warned. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.

PPS - By ENTIRE catalog, I literally mean everything. Well except Early Doors. And The Pool. GUYS, BOLLYWOOD QUEEN WAS SUCH A CRAP MOVIE AND SOMEHOW I HAVE WATCHED IT TWICE.
fiarra: ([azu] tomo. chibi-flail)
2011-05-25 04:16 pm

two things

in chronological order (although maybe not in order of importance)

Monday night, on a whim, I bought a bus ticket to NYC and a concert ticket for Panic! Yesterday was everything I could have ever asked for. Friends, the city and a kick-ass show with a seriously amazing group. Followed by diner food and flailing.

Guys, seriously. Everything is Panic! and NOTHING HURTS.


Details to come in an entry later tonight. Right now, I haven't been home in over 24 hours, most of my sleeping has been on a bus and I just want to get some coffee and go home and watch the Glee finale. <3333

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME DURING THIS TIME. I know I have been really emo and depressing lately, but things are looking up again and I think I can finally go back to the full-time flail. <3