Apr. 28th, 2006

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Carin gave me 5 interview questions so I suppose I should actually answer them.

5 questions )

And then I found this meme online somewhere, so I might as well do it and kill some time.
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Well that was fun.

School is officially over and now I need to start hardcore work for next week. Yes. Hardcore. Fortunately, I think I'm setup for some pretty ok grades.
Genetic engr. - def a high B
CSE - probably a B unless labs are worth a lot more than i think
Poli Sci - B
Gene Expression - maybe a B if I pwn the final
Ecology - A (grin) at least an A-

Tomorrow is the makeup anime meeting. Ought to be interesting. Went and signed papers for this year at the funding office. We got the funding for the first month of next year. Things are looking up.

Oh yeah, I also officially got a position in Sylvain DeGuise's lab for the summer. Gonna start the 15th and go for the summer. I get to play with oysters. And human blood. And flame retardant chemicals. fun fun. I'll be living at home and driving up most days, except when I get lazy and stay with Rachel since she's here working for RezWeb. Yup yup.

Maybe I'll try to do the work I wanted to start 2 hours ago....


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